• What do you think of agencies that encourage pod groups to like or comment on sponsored posts? It's not something we would do. Look if your agency is, "Hey if you're in any comment pods can you make sure they comment on the sponsored posts." Fohr card has never done that, we really want real engagement comment pods aren't real engagement, it's it's a hack, it's a little bit of cheating. Is it the worst thing you can do on Instagram? No, it's not.

    Is it real actual engagement that is going to benefit the brand abso-fucking-lutely not no, it's a bunch of people saying, "Oh my God I love this hard eyes." I don't really generally think too much about our competitors and if they're asking you to do that[unintelligible 00:08:20] I don't know if you don't feel comfortable doing it don't do it. I will say that these things, I think we said this before that anytime Instagram or any platform changes something structural to the way that the platform works, there's all these hacks to get around it.

    Then I mean [chuckles] obviously in Instagram knows comment pods exist and they probably very quickly made it so that those don't help the algorithm anymore so you can't trick, you can't trick Instagram and into your things working better and if you can it's not going to last for a long time. I wouldn't really sweat it too much, I think the feedback we've heard recently is people are leaving and moving away from the comment pods one because it just takes over your life and you're constantly commenting and liking. Two because it just isn't as effective anymore so I really encourage you to-- what we heard in the last for you, from a lot of people is that they have focused on engaging with not with random people on hashtags but actually engaging with their existing audience and that's really helped their engagement.

    I would encourage you to do that and if you have a sponsored post, one just knock it out of the fucking park and make sure that the photo is amazing and you do a good job and you go above and beyond. We've talked about that before. If you're getting paid to do a post you should be working harder on that post than you do on your personal posts to make sure it's really effective and it looks great. The other thing is you should set it up in a way so that you think it's going to get a lot of engagement and-- engage with your audience and get them in there and get them talking.

    I wouldn't really focus on trying to use a comment pod effectively to boost up numbers. If an agency is insisting that you do that and you don't feel comfortable with it, I wouldn't take the deal because what's going to happen is that the agency is speaking on your behalf. They're going to go to the brand, the brand may not get the results they want from the campaign and they're going think for some reason potentially it's your fault.

    Never feel pressure to do something you're not comfortable with by an agency or brand, whether it is leveraging comment pods or in a not being FCC compliant because end of the day you will be responsible for those things. Multiple ways to listen to this. You could have watched the video, which you could be doing.
    Episode #56
    - Instagram Sponsored Posts, Being Too Eager, Comment Pods