• After a bit of doom and gloom in this episode I will say that I am feeling more optimistic about this space than I ever have before. I think as I said earlier, this pandemic and this crisis has only shown the world how important social media is. I think that we will never go back to a world before that. I don't think that you can ever deny how important these platforms are again. I think that over the coming months potentially even a year as we have rolling quarantines and as the world just continues to be a different place until we get a vaccine, and even after that I think the world will continue to be a different place, I think that influencers will be a bigger part of brands' marketing budgets but I also think that it's exposing some of the rot in the industry.

    It's exposing some of the things that I personally have grown to not like in the industry. The pervasive sense of entitlement that a lot of influencers show, the unbelievably self-centered nature of the industry, I think some of that has been put on display and rightly the industry is being dragged by it. Now, I don't think that the actions of a handful of people represent this entire industry as whole because as much as I see some bad actors doing things that are irresponsible, I see influencers using their following for good in ways that is incredibly inspiring and shows the power of this space but I do think that we could root out some of the mindless self-centered look-at-me part of the space.

    So like at Fohr we always have tried to work with influencers that we felt like we're putting something good and valuable into the world and we'll continue to do that but I think that influencers who lack a certain depth could in the future have a harder time surviving because I think that the appetite for volatility is going to be a lot lower than it was before. We are just entering more serious times. I think that influencers that are really out of touch with the reality of the world, who are living lives that are so far beyond and so different than the vast majority of Americans and people around the world. I just think people won't be as interested. We've seen that with celebrity culture as well. Like, "do I want to see you complaining about being quarantined in your $15 million home? Not really. I don't really care."

    I think a lot of influencers have their lives have flipped over into something that is totally unrelatable to most people and I think a lot of people will come out of this and say," I'm just not really interested in that." I think those people that don't have a strong connection with their audience, who don't understand the lives of their audience and who are living lives that are wildly different than their audiences might not have as much of a place in this industry moving forward.
    Episode #193
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