• Yes, it does. Next question. No, it's a funny question, but I understand and I approve of influencers being, "Hey, this isn't sponsored." Also, if you're really diligent with your disclosures, you shouldn't have to say, "It's not sponsored."

    Just saying, it's not sponsored is enough. "I genuinely love it," I think to anyone paying close attention, it does make it feel like you don't genuinely love your sponsored content. I know I talk about Erika, Retro Flame, a good amount. I think she does disclosures really well. Like she was recently gifted a stay at a hotel in Ireland, where she's from, if you can't tell from her bright red hair and her very thick Irish accent, she's from Ireland.

    Before she covered the hotel and her stay, she said, "Hey, guys, I'm really excited to stay here. I've actually paid to stay here before, this time they gifted the room. Anytime I talk about the hotel, or if they gifted me an experience, I'm going to put, hashtag gifted there, just so you guys know." Then she went through her stay and always had that disclosure. I thought that was a really upfront way to deal with it. Following her for years now, she's always super transparent with her disclosures. When there's no disclosure, I know it's not sponsored. She's built that trust, I think over years.

    I think the best way to delineate your sponsored from organic content is not to be like, "Hey, guys, this isn't sponsored. I actually just really love it," because it does undermine your partnerships. Instead, to just be very upfront, don't be embarrassed, don't be ashamed. Don't try and hide that it's an ad, don't try and hide that it's sponsored with a little hashtag in the bottom right-hand corner of your story, be upfront about it.

    In conclusion, the best way to separate your sponsored from your organic content is, to just be super upfront about what is sponsored. You should be excited about the partnerships. You should say, "I am super excited to be showing guys this. I've been using it for weeks. It's really worked. I love this brand. I think you guys are going to love it. These posts are sponsored, I'm going to be really upfront about that."

    Then your organic content will stand alone because it will be different, and you're not trying to hide what is sponsored and what isn't. Don't be afraid of putting out there that something is sponsored. Also, just so we remember, don't also make 50% of your feed sponsored, that also does not work at all.
    Episode #168
    - “Perfect Photos”, Hiding Likes, Sponsored vs. Organic Endorsements