• We keep talking about hiding likes. Now Facebook is talking about hiding likes, Twitter is talking about hiding likes, everyone's hiding likes. This is the new fucking cool kids thing to do. We're all hiding likes. I don't know if I could hide likes. Maybe I'll just like start-- I already don't like many people. I'm way ahead of the curve. I've been hiding my likes for ages. Everyone thinks I hate them, like most people do, I digress.

    Facebook hiding likes, I don't-- Honestly, who gives a shit? Twitter hiding likes, I think is stupid. I do not think that's the play. I think Twitter is so much about virality, and about getting things to go viral that I pay attention more when a tweet has a lot of likes. Because it's not as much about followers, but I think about your ability to get something to go viral on Twitter, that hiding likes will really make the platform significantly less interesting.

    It's also much less of a like a FOMO thing on Twitter, it's much more about being funny, being smart, articulate, or if you're in Republican, being a troll. Not all Republicans are trolls. Don't make me fucking caveat this shit. It's about those things, less about like, "How great I am, look at me, look at how beautiful I am, look at how beautiful my life is." I think removing likes would really be terrible and make the platform much less interesting.

    Look, old Jack Dorsey doesn't really seem to give a shit what people on Twitter are interested in. As all they ask for is, "Please stop letting people say that they're going to chop my head off and put it in a garbage disposal." They seem to do nothing about bullying, he probably will do it. Look out for that. I'm sure the dumpster fire, that is Twitter, will continue to devolve. Caveat, I love Twitter and I use it constantly. If you are a heavy Twitter user, you know it's a dumpster fire that is ruining your life, but you can't get away from it.
    Episode #168
    - “Perfect Photos”, Hiding Likes, Sponsored vs. Organic Endorsements