• If you're not familiar, they just rolled them out in beta. Instagram has a new creator profile. It's got more in-depth analytics online. It's got a new inbox that's split up in primary, general and then the private, whatever randos messaging you, inbox and some other tools to help you grow and understand your profile. Then I think you'll be able to do the shopping stuff later on down the line. Should you switch? I think anytime Instagram does something, I hear people saying like, "I switched to a creator account and that made me lose all my reach. Instagram stopped serving my stuff to other people."

    Again, that stuff is not true. I saw that terrible meme. It's not even a meme, but I saw that thing getting spread around Instagram, again, that was like, "Hey, everyone, Instagram is limiting everyone's post to 10% of their audience seeing it. Like this, if you're seeing." It was some screenshot that I've seen floating around. Once again, we'll say that Instagram is not throttling views in any predatory way. They're not saying, "Everyone has switched over to creator profile. We're going to just make sure that they're not reaching anyone so that they have to buy advertising to get in front of people." Instagram's endgame is not in making money off influencers, is not getting you guys to run ads so that you have more reach. Why would they throttle how many people see your posts?

    They're going to make money off you by you selling products through like their new e-com shopping platform. They're going to make money off you from ads. There's a lot of ways for them to make money off of you. It is not in you having to buy advertising so that your post can be seen by more of your audience. If your posts aren't being seen by your audience, it is because your audience is no longer engaged or super interested in what you have to say. I think you have to rethink your content strategy. That really is the only answer.

    Should you switch to create creator? Again, right now that's not something you can choose to do. I think they just rolled it out to a small batch of people. I haven't seen a big change in my account. The new inbox, I think if you were a heavier DM user, could be nice because you can keep your friends in your primary inbox and then you have a general inbox for everyone else. You can switch back to a business profile in your account as well. It never hurts to try these things out and see what they have to offer. I would say if you're into it, go for it. It is not going to change your reach numbers, at all.
    Episode #152
    - Responding to all DMs, Creator profile switch, Bilingual content