• All I have is an iPhone and a remote. What should I do for sponsored content? I think right now, ideally, the whole world that can work at home is working at home and I think this is the time to be shooting at home with a tripod and your iPhone. Right now, I would be really concerned about posting any photo from out in the street honestly. If you do, and we've done this on a few campaigns, we had some stuff go live last week where the influencer said this is a shot from three weeks ago before the lockdown happened.

    If you have old content you can post that. I would copy audit, but I'd lean into that. Everyone's stuck at home. Nobody has access to their photographers potentially, so this is the time to just do that. I would reach out to brands and if you have ongoing partnerships, say, hey I'm not going to be able to create the quality level of content that I'm used to since I don't have access to my photographer or my videographer. I'm going to shoot this on my phone, is that okay? Would you like to postpone or do you just want me to go ahead? I probably wouldn't even actually give them that option yet. I would shoot it show it to them and say, Hey, this is what I have because of the circumstances. Is this okay?

    Everybody understands that everyone's at home. Resources are different, the world is different and I think you need to acknowledge that. I wouldn't be afraid to shoot sponsored content that looks a little less polished than you generally would post. Look at me. I desperately need a haircut. I'm in some shirt I had to order from Uniqlo. We're all making do here. I'm recording the audio on a mic through my iPhone, so everyone is figuring it out now. This is the time to be scrappy.
    Episode #192
    - Reading the room