• Now, if you've been watching the show for a while you know I'm not a big fan of unboxings. We can put up a couple of other links where I talk about it, just want to mention a few things. One, there are different kinds of unboxings. I actually love it when an influencer does an unboxing for a luxury product that they've purchased.

    I think that's really fun, I was talking to Helena from Brooklyn Blonde about this. I think if you have saved up and you are really excited about a product and you are finally able to afford it and you put that box down and you show yourself opening it. Buying luxury products is an act of delusion, nobody needs a pay of $1,200 boots. It has to be fun, and I think that when you see someone doing that and buying something that they really care about and taking apart the beautiful packaging, I think that feels really special and I think that's interesting and I think audiences enjoy that generally.

    When you're ripping through 50 random things that brands sent you and just being like, "Thanks", next, "Thanks", next, "Thanks". That is not interesting, at all. I think the problem with it is, I talk to "normal people" about this all the time. My friends who aren't in this industry, my mom, whoever. To a lot of people it just feels like bragging, it feels like you're rubbing their fucking nose in it. I don't think that influencers are super aware about how fucking annoying their lives can be to people that are following you.

    You are living a reality that is so different than most peoples', that it can be exciting and something that starts exciting can turn really annoying, really, really quickly. The reason I think that showing every free product that you get does a huge disservice to yourself. I think it is really, really uninteresting. I think when we talk about, "Does this thing educate, inspire or entertain?" I don't think it does any of those things. I think it's you saying, "I need to give these brands some love and I'm too fucking lazy to actually do anything about it and write a post about it, so I'm just going to hold my phone and say what I got."

    It's lazy, it is boring, I wish it would go away, but for some reason, it doesn't and if there is just one piece of advice, any influencer I see that goes out of town for a while, comes back and posts all the boxes stacked upside of their $7,000 a month apartment that they have in New York City. It's like, "Oh my God, look at all these boxes," that's an immediate unfollow for me. You have to be so fucking delusional to post that and think people are going to find that entertaining. "Oh my gosh, look at the thousands and thousands of dollars of free shit that brands sent me while I was away on a free vacation." You just can't post that stuff.
    Episode #172
    - Getting started on TikTok, Future of Influencer Marketing, Unboxing