• There are exciting things going on at Fohr. We released last week testimonials 2.0. We talked about this a few months ago, the ability for you all to go out to your audience and get them to leave you testimonials. You can now view all those testimonials, you can feature testimonials that you want to be shown on your page, you can also download any testimonials as an Insta story and you can see this little section where your audience answered questions about where they find you influential, if they purchase products based on your posts, and if so, how often they do that.

    Interesting evolution of the tool, if you haven't gotten testimonials yet, do it. It's super easy. You go to your page, you download the stories, grab the link, drive your followers to that link and they'll just start rolling in. If you haven't checked it out, you haven't been back to your Fohr account in a while, bounced over there and check it out.
    Episode #168
    - “Perfect Photos”, Hiding Likes, Sponsored vs. Organic Endorsements