• This is something that I've really just started to notice more and not because it's happening more, but I think I've just started to notice it annoying me more. When you go to an influencer's stories and again, it looks like it's got the perforated edge across the top, it's like you're in for a 30 story day from them, and it's all just people posting about the influencer being like, "Oh my God, goals. Oh my God, this person is amazing".

    I think if we go back to what we were talking about last week, inspire, educate, entertain, I think the problem with blindly reposting people's content or people blindly reposting people talking about you or complimenting you or wishing you a happy birthday or congratulations is that it doesn't inspire, entertain or educate. It doesn't do anything for your audience. It makes you feel cool. I personally, I think, used to do more of this because it's nice to have people say nice things about you, and you want other people to know that people are saying nice things about you, especially if those other people are also kind of semi-influential.

    I was talking to a reporter friend, and she was like, "It's kind of blasé. As a reporter, you don't retweet praise of your articles. That's just a no-go". I thought that was interesting because in the influencer space, if someone says anything nice about an influencer on Instagram, they just repost it without thinking about it, being like, "Thanks, babe". Subsequently, I asked a few other reporters, and they're like, "Yes, absolutely. That's kind of an unwritten rule. You don't retweet praise of you". It shifted my perspective on reposting praise of your work or of what you're doing.

    I don't think it's a bad thing. I don't think that influencers are held to the same standards as journalists necessarily. I don't think influencers should take themselves as seriously as journalists because, honestly, journalists take themselves way too seriously. I don't think you have to say like, "I'm not going to do this". I do think that-- Think about educate, inspire or entertain and think about how you're going to do that.

    If you are launching something and you know people are going to repost it a lot-- We'll do this on Fohr sometimes. We'll collect a bunch of the reaction posts, and we'll put them all into a couple stories. We'll lay them out all together on a page and say thank you there. If your goal is "I want people to know that people are talking about this", then actually the worst way to do that is to Regram every fucking time somebody talks about it because that feels small.

    An example moving out of the influencer space, Chance came out with his new album last week, maybe two weeks ago. Once you hear this, week ago. I don't know. On his Twitter, he's been retweeting random fans complimenting his album, and to me, it feels kind of sad because it's like, "Why is Chance The Rapper, with seven and a half million followers, retweeting random fans?" For me, as a Chance fan, these tweets do fuck all for me. They're so boring. It also is like, "Why is he doing this? Shouldn't it be bigger than him taking this one small compliment and sharing it with his seven and a half million people?"

    I think, as an influencer, you have to think about the optics of what it looks like but also what can you do to achieve the goal. Again if the goal is, "Hey, people are talking about this", there's better ways to do that. I will sometimes use an influencer who has mentioned Drink with James. I will use that to talk about it myself, which is totally fine. If it's something that you haven't posted about or you haven't posted about in a while or whatever, you can use those posts to tell your own story on top of it, but just blindly Regramming everything, it's not a strategy. It's the absence of a strategy. It's lazy, and I think at all costs you should avoid doing it.

    This is your job. It's okay for your friend you went to high school with who Regrams the birthday wishes that they get. That's fine, but this is your job. I think you need to put a little bit more effort in than just saying add post to story and click the button to publish. That's just not enough.
    Episode #159
    - Reposting Instagram Stories, Fohr Influencer Profiles, Usage Rights