• I mean look, Instagram would put ads on your fucking forehead if they could. They're going to put ads everywhere. I'm surprised they didn't put ads in Explore a long time ago. I personally don't use Explore that much. I think, and talking to most influencers, Explore is not as valuable as it used to be, certainly. It used to be like if you get on that Explore page you gain thousands of followers, now it seems like you can get a lot of reach and you can get a bunch of engagement but that engagement, that reach isn't necessarily converting to a following like it used to. It'll get harder to get onto the explore page but it gets harder every day to get on the Explore page.

    I think if anything, it's another example of why as an influencer you need to diversify your following, you need to diversify your revenue streams. Again, like to use a startup term, no viable business can have a single point of failure, meaning if one thing changes and you don't have a business is buff. If your single point of failure is that 100% of your revenue comes from Instagram and it's the only place that you engage with your audience and then if you also understand that it is literally impossible for Instagram to, for the next 10 or 15 years maintain its position in the marketplace and maintain its position and like pop culture and certainly its position in the marketing world, then if you don't diversify so that Instagram isn't your single point of failure, then you have no chance for a long-term career.

    I have a 130,000 followers on Tumblr does that matter? No. It doesn't mean fucking thing because nobody goes on Tumblr. I have 130,000 followers who don't know their passwords to Tumblr anymore. What does that do for me? It does nothing. I think with Instagram if like some of the top 1% big celebrities, influencers things like that and then like regular people get sick of it which definitely can happen if we continue just throwing ads in their face constantly, I think it would only take you know 5% or 10% of the platform abandoning the platform for it's a very quickly rolled downhill.

    If you don't think that is going to happen one day, you are completely delusional and again, think about your points of failure and make sure that something we think about internally at for all the time, what does it look like if Instagram disappears. How do we hedge our bets and our business against a single point of failure because you can't live your entire life in the hands of the company that you can't trust and you can't trust any corporation.
    Episode #154
    - Viral Instagram proposal, pitching to brands, ads on explore tab