• I don't think that originality has to be necessarily evaluated. One, there is really almost no true originality. Everything is a progression from something else or everything is a iteration or a slight copy, or evolution of something before it. Even if it's not a conscious rip off, you're seeing things and those things are influencing what you're doing, and sure, you can create something totally new that's never been created before. You can also see the thread and the line that gets you to there.

    I wouldn't waste a huge amount of my time trying to understand what the litmus test for like is it original or is it not? I think probably more interesting or better question is like, is it interesting or is it not? Generally, new original things are interesting and compelling, but they don't have to be. Look at Instagram, a lot of posts in the photos that do the best. It's the same shit over and over again. I think you should be striving to find your voice, and I that if you are true to that and you are really trying to project your vision into the world that by nature it will be original if it is personal because it's really just about you.

    I think that's probably the truest way to originality, is to just chase individualism and try and be yourself, because again, that is the only thing that you can do that other people can't do, is just do you.
    Episode #143
    - The Importance of Originality, Live-Streaming's Future, Meeting ROI