• Well, one you probably can't. That's probably the short answer. If no one is seeing you or you feel like you're not being seen, you can't grow. That's a problem that you probably are going to need to solve very, very quickly. Dissecting it a bit, you feel you're not being seen. Again, I can't stress enough, the Instagram algorithm is not predatory. It is not attacking certain influencers. It doesn't wake up and say, "I fucking hate that person. Them, I'm not going to let anyone see their posts. I'm going to let them see everyone else's."

    No, it is a fairly simple equation that takes into account who's engaging with your posts, who you're engaging with and then tries to serve content to the people who they think want to see it. That's it. It's pretty simple. It is standard across the whole platform. I can't say that with complete confidence. Maybe there's different tiers and the way it works if you're under 500 is different than if you're at a million. I'm sure that it is different across different tiers. As you look at your peers, that algorithm is the same for everyone. I think that going back to question number one, you just have to focus on the absolute fundamentals.

    Are you being interesting? Are you being engaging? Do people care? Maybe the hard truth is that people don't care about the content you're putting out. It's not to say it's not good, it's not interesting. It's just that the audience that happens to follow you doesn't give a shit about it. That's a problem. A pretty big one. It is solvable potentially. It's also potentially not solvable. That is the core question. It's not how do I hack Instagrams algorithm, it's how to I be more interesting, engaging and special so that people want to follow me, want to engage with me, want to tell their friends about me.

    That is the absolute thing. It's like you have to get to that point where people are sitting with their friends saying, "You have to follow this person. Do you follow this person? You have to--" That's how I found Tezza. I was sitting at lunch with a friend. I said, "Who should I be following right now?" He said, "Everything Tezza does, I just want to copy." I was like, "Who the hell is that person?" and I followed her. That is where you have to get and you have to be-- Again, let's go back to the very beginning. Be honest with yourself, know thyself, ask yourself the hard questions and answer them honestly. Are you being interesting enough?

    If you can't confidently say "yes," then you should change something about the content that you're producing, not worry about the Instagram algorithm.
    Episode #139
    - Instagram Story Best Practices, In-House Influencers, Growth Issues