• Interesting question, one we haven't had before. We've talked about going from a different country and coming to America and try and grow an American audience, but let's say you are known as a Nashville influencer. How do you get beyond that? The temptation would be to try and look like you're not from that city. I think the temptation would be to try and copy what the big influencers are doing and make your feed look like everyone else.

    I personally don't love that as a solution to the problem of gaining a larger following outside of your local city. You do need to create content that makes sense for people that don't live there. If let's say you're a food influencer and all you do is talk about Nashville food, okay, it is going to be difficult for you to probably grow an audience outside of that or outside of people who just love Nashville and want to hear about Nashville food.

    If you're a style influencer, I would think that being in Nashville is something that you could use to your advantage because increasingly, feeds are just Positano, New York, and LA right now. Being from a different place could give you a leg up as far as visually because people aren't used to it. Show the things about your city that make it interesting. I think putting together on your highlights like travel guides to that city.

    If you live in a place that has tourism, helping people coming to the city know how to navigate it is a nice easy in for people who aren't in the space being known as someone that's like, "If you go to Nashville, you've got to follow this person." I'm saying I think one strategy is double down that you're from a different place. Double down on that. Use the fact that you're not from LA or New York to your advantage.

    Now the other side of that coin is if you look at Happily Grey, if you look at Fashioned Chic Styling, if you look at Fashion Jackson, in order, they are in Nashville, San Diego, and Dallas. All of their photos look like they're in New York City. Every single day, their photos look like they're in New York. They shoot in the cities, they shoot against brick buildings. They are indistinguishable from New York. They make it look like they're in a big city. They're not. That works really well for them.

    I think that you can totally not take my advice as well and try and make your content look like it could be in any city. I guess I'll walk back on that statement a bit and say those influencers don't try and make it look like they're in New York, they just make it look like they're generically in a city. Happily Grey is more of a lifestyle influencer now, but certainly, Fashion Jackson and Fashioned Chic Styling are just style influencers. They post outfits every day. That's all they do, so the background doesn't really matter.

    What matters is their style. I think it just is also about why do people care about you. You're able to build a following in a local market. Why? What is the reason people are following you and how do you scale that out to the entire country? If you can't, if you're just known as a local influencer, that's not so bad. You can just be the biggest influencer in your area and as influencer programs start to spread out and as brands look to work across the country.

    If you are in Omaha, Nebraska, and you are the Omaha, Nebraska influencer, you'll still get a lot of work because again, as brands scale the stuff out nationwide, they'll be looking for the best of the best of Omaha. If you're known as that, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Now are you going to get the New York City deals, are you going to go on all the big influencer trips? Maybe not as much, but you can definitely build a nice career and come off of being the best in your local area.
    Episode #113
    - Reaching a Larger Audience, Transitioning to Getting Paid, Hashtags