• Last week, we talked a little bit about reach percentages and I said that that is something increasingly that we're looking at as a marker for success and eventually, hopefully, it will be the thing that determines how much you get paid. We look at that as a average over the month, not the reach percentage on a single photo or on five photos but your average over the entirety of a month.

    If you don't post much, we might wait until 15 or 20 photos to pull that together. I don't think four or five photos is enough to come up with a reach percentage. I also know I can anticipate the next question of like, "Should I delete photos that don't get a lot of reach so it doesn't hurt my percentage?" No, I don't think you should. It is natural that sometimes you'll have photos that don't do as well. They don't get as much engagement, and thus, the reach is going to be lower. In the same way that I wouldn't tell you to delete those photos because of engagement, I wouldn't delete them because of reach.

    It is hard mathematically to influence an average over the course of 30 days with one or two bad scores. If your average reach is 28% and you have a photo that gets 9% and you have 30 photos, that 9% isn't going to do anything to your overall average really, not enough to justify getting rid of it. I wouldn't worry about that. I wouldn't obsess too much over these numbers. You want to be in a place where you feel like you understand if you're doing a good job or if you need to do better.

    Other than that, yes, we should always be improving, yes, we will be looking at this data but should you freak out over 31% versus 33%? No, I wouldn't worry about it too much in the grand scheme of things. It doesn't really matter. The way we are looking at it right now, it’s more of do you meet a benchmark of what we feel is a authentic, real, engaged account. If you don't reach that, I would worry about it. I would work hard to fix that. If you're in or around that or above it, just keep doing you, just keep focused on creating beautiful stuff, telling interesting stories, helping your followers, being a good person, and sending me whiskey.
    Episode #108
    - Mastering Engagement, Instagram Monetizing, Popular Destinations