• This is coming from my Positano rant which I do not apologize for in any way. Why don't I think lesser-known cities are featured more in Instagram? There is a Disneyfication of Instagram. It has starting to become this place where everything looks the same and I think that people's desire to fit in and do what other people are doing is pushing people to do the same things as other people because that's what worked.

    Another thing is that look, we're here because we say that Instagram is a place that can change the way people see the world and can influence their decisions so part of it is just that you guys are good at your jobs and a lot of you go to Positano and then everybody else wants to go to Positano because they see the photos and like, "Well, that looks dope. I was thinking about where to go on vacation and I've seen all these photos and everyone's going to Positano, it feels like now I should go to Positano," and then they go to Positano.

    Part of it is people aren't super creative and they're not interested in stepping outside of their sphere of comfort. The other thing is that Instagram works [chuckles] and the places that get talked about, Tulum, Positano, Paris. Paris, it'll step outside because Paris is Paris, what are you going to do? Positano and Tulum are my two recent examples and maybe Morocco are places that have been covered so much on Instagram over the last few years that I think it is driving a lot of tourism there which is just to say that this stuff works.

    Other thing, anytime I'm feeling stale, here's the thing, there are interesting things happening on Instagram every day, there are crazy artists, there are people that are doing incredible things and any time my feed is feeling stale and I've seen one too many Positano pictures, I just start digging for new follows. I just start looking for people that are doing interesting different things. I will try and pull something interesting into the feed if it starts to feel dull.

    I encourage you all to do that because, again, you should be looking at this platform for inspiration just like your followers are and you should be changing your feeds up. If you feel like you're seeing the same stuff over and over again, unfollow 10% of the people that you follow and follow 10% more. Change your feed up. Change your feed, change your life.
    Episode #108
    - Mastering Engagement, Instagram Monetizing, Popular Destinations