• As I said in the micro-conference, I find Instagram lives boring. I think that if you're going to do it live, there's two things that it should be. One, it should either be participatory, so you should have something where the audience is participating in some way. I actually think Instagram live is not great for that, and that doing something like on zoom is better because everyone can be there together, but you can do it on Instagram live.

    The example I said in the micro-conference was a comedian that was doing something with another comedian and they made up a drinking game around the thing, the conversation that we're going to have. Certainly, fitness classes, cooking, things like that are participatory and can be interesting. I think if you're an influencer with a bigger audience, this is the time to also bring in people who don't have that audience and showcase their skills.

    If you've got half a million Instagram followers and you love the local restaurant down the street from you, well that's closed right now. Maybe the time to try and see if you can get in touch with the chef and bring them onto your Instagram and have them do a cooking thing with you and do a split live thing. It might be time to find a musician that you love that doesn't have a big following and work with them to do a little performance. You can use your platform to elevate talent and provide value.

    I think if Instagram live isn't going to be participatory in some way, it definitely needs to provide some value. I generally find the Q&A lives boring and, by the way, we surveyed inside Fohr and we surveyed influencers as well. In general, the vast majority of people find Instagram lives to be boring and tedious. Just think about that. I do think that because everyone's at home influencers feel I should just be doing this., I see other people doing it but the fundamentals are the same. You don't hit publish, you don't go live, you don't do anything unless there is some value there.

    If the value is just, I'm bored, everyone else is doing this, I'm just going to go say, Hey guys, I'm doing a Q&A, get on live and I'm doing a Q&A tonight. For me, that's lazy. It's lazy and it's boring and I just don't think that is what a live event is four. I think you need to put more effort into it if you're going to do a live and make sure that it's actually something worth not only watching but tuning in at a specific time to watch. That is the hard part.

    We were fortunate enough in our micro-conference, we had 2,500 people RSVP. We had over a thousand people watching it, the whole time that we did the conference. We don't have a big reach, but it was focused on providing value for the people who are watching it, not in us making ourselves feel better or filling some void because we're bored or we feel like we have to do this. Fundamentals are the same. Make sure you inspire, entertain, or educate with anything that you publish, especially so for lives.
    Episode #192
    - Reading the room