• It's a loaded question. I think that it can be, dependent, but I think that for most people's audiences, they want to see sponsored posts. If you're feeling strange about it, ask your audience, just do a poll. Say, hey, I've got some sponsored posts coming up. I have the ability to delay them. Should I or do you guys want to see them? If your audience says yes, I know Helena from Brooklyn Blonde did this, 91% of her audience said they wanted to see those posts. If they want to see them, that gives you the permission to do that, to start posting in a way that is a little bit more normal.

    Now, the thing is, and this is something Matt and I talked about in the webinar, you have to read the room. You have to read the tone of the room. Here's an example. I'm filming this and tomorrow is April 1st. Tomorrow is not a day for April fool's jokes. In my mind, April Fools doesn't exist this year. Every year brands use it as an opportunity to show how cute and funny and clever they are, tomorrow is just not the time for that at all. That's reading the room, that's understanding the context which you're operating in. Maybe next year it's going to be different, we can go back to stupid, lame April Fools jokes that everybody does, which I hate anyway, and I think should be banned in general. I digress.
    You have to be able to read the room and know if your audience is ready to hear, to see those posts. Again, I encourage you to reach out to them and just ask and see where they're at, and include them. This is the time as an influencer or a brand to be building community, not thinking so much about how to grow the community, but how do you go back to the community you have and continue to build it?
    Episode #192
    - Reading the room