• I actually just talked to Wired about this. We'll throw a link to that article in. The reporter did a great job talking about the app and the struggles that it faces. Look, there's some interesting things there. The idea for a platform built on virality like TikTok and Byte are, sharing revenue with influencers. Sharing ad revenue with influencers is a really fair way to do things because sponsored posts are a little bit more difficult to do and not as authentic to the platform.
    For the reasons we've talked about, comedy is difficult for brands. Entertainment is difficult for influencers to do. Video is hard to be compelling for a lot of people. The things a lot of times that go viral on these platforms are not planned. They're funny moments, their cat did something funny like you can't really engineer that thing.

    It makes it hard to do sponsored posts in that way. Sharing revenue is an interesting concept. I think six-second videos, as I said to the Wired reporter, that I don't think nostalgia is a business plan really. I shoot on a film camera and I listen to music on records. I enjoy that analog tactile part of interacting with things in that way, but records aren't a viable solution in today's world to listening to music and film photography is not a viable threat to digital photography in today's world. They're hobbies. They're nice to haves and throwbacks.

    I just think that for me, the six-second looping video is a bit short and TikTok being longer, allows video to be 12 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 and a minute. It gives you some more time to play with that to tell a little bit fuller stories. My concern is that the founder of Vine is pissed off that Twitter shut down Vine, understandably is recreating Vine. Recreating Vine in a world that vine existed years ago and it's moved on. I love Tumblr. I miss it every single day. That was my favorite thing that was ever-- My favorite part of the internet ever was Tumblr.
    If Tumblr started today, it would never fucking be successful. It's a different world. It's a different world, people consume in a different way. The world has loved Vine and moved on. Twitter didn't shut it down because it was making so much fucking money that they couldn't possibly manage it anymore. They shut it down because it wasn't working. They didn't want to support it anymore. I think that this-- Should you go sign up for it? Sure. Sign up for it because, as I tell you, when these platforms are new, it's easier to build a following and you might as well because God knows I've been wrong before and I will be wrong again.
    You might as well get on there and play around. Do I think it will compete with TikTok? Absolutely not. I don't.
    Episode #185
    - Vine returns as Byte, how to use micro influencers, and WOW at work