• Let's talk about growing your following. This is probably why you guys are watching this show. You want to grow following, but there's a misconception about follower growth on Instagram. Over half of our platform 90,000 influencers, over half of them are losing followers month over month. I'll say it again. Over half of the people in the platform lose followers month over month. If you're gaining 20 followers a month, you're doing better than half the people that we have on the platform, which is a 100,000 people's a pretty good representation of the influencer space in general.

    When you look at the growth percentages for a year, they're pretty consistent. Obviously, micro-influencers are growing a bit faster than macro-influencers. That makes sense because of the scale, we look at percentages. The average percentage is around 7% or 8%. If you've got 10,000 followers that would be gaining 700. Not much. That's average. People, on average, are just not growing their following right now. It's really hard. It's why I say not to focus on the hacks because if a hack can get you from 7% to 10%, fine. You gained 1000 followers in that year instead of 700, that's valuable. If finding the thing that people can connect with that can change your life.

    We had Jamie back on the show years ago. Jamie hadn't grown in years. She was at 120,000 followers for literally years. Never grew. She was always an incredible photographer and this was after she moved to France. She'd been living in France for a year already creating this fairy tale world. Then she started doing her self portraits and really started focusing on that. She's at 250,000 followers now, a year and a half later. She's probably, almost doubled her following in 18 months. It's like, that's what you're looking for. It took her years to find it. It took her years of experimentation to find it, but when she found something people are connecting with, she went really hard into it.

    I think you have to make sure you're focused on the right things. I really believe the right thing to focus on is your audience and trying to figure out what they want. If you can please them and keep them happy, I always say, maybe don't focus on getting your next follower, but focus on making sure the last person that followed you is happy. Make sure they are getting value. Because it's like, in your life when a big life event happens. You wanted to get a raise for six months, and you finally get it and a month after you forgotten about it. It's not special, or we have this problem all the time at Fohr that we have such big goals. When we hit them, maybe it's a month or two after I wanted or maybe it's 10% less than we thought we would do and so you just don't celebrate it. It's still a big goal. Look we made more money today than we made the first two years in business. Not really celebrating that because you are focused too much on growth. You're focused too much on the next thing. With your followers, I think it's so valuable to just ask yourself, instead of how do I get the next follower but that person who just followed me five minutes ago, what am I doing to make sure that they stay because there's a good chance they'll leave.
    Episode #184
    - Instagram usage ban, follower growth rates, unrealistic brand expectations