• I don't have a lot to say about this. You guys are out there in the internet posting your shit everywhere. You're obviously not incredibly private people, but I do think that privacy is important. Something to consider and think about is that when you sign up for Four, as you remember, we ask you to connect your accounts through the APIs. The only way that you can be a part of Four is that you have to sign up and you have to connect your accounts.
    90,000 influencers have done that.

    We have competitors that go around saying, "We have a platform with 10 million influencers on it," and you say, "Well, I know you didn't get 10 million people to connect their Instagram accounts. What's happening?" What's happening is they're scraping Instagram. They're building profiles for you and selling those profiles to brands without your knowledge or your consent. That is something to consider. If you get outreach from another influencer marketing platform that you didn't know you were a part of, you might just ask how you got that information and ask to see what it looks like on the brand side because you don't know what information they're saying about you because scraped information is generally wrong. This was my whole problem with, what's this thing called? That would show-- This is my problem with Social Blade.
    Social Blade, the reason we would always tell our clients it was bullshit is that it scraped Instagram. It would scrape Instagram and see if there were any jumps or spikes in your following growth. What it didn't account for was the fact that Instagram changes their API access points essentially every day and so if you're scraping Instagram, you're constantly having to refine those points. If there was a gap for a week in your following where they weren't scraping your data and you went from 10,000 to 13,000 in that week, they would show that as a jump that happened in one day and they'd say you bought followers.

    Or if you got mentioned in BuzzFeed article and you gained 10,000 followers and that spike happened, let's say you bought followers. It's bullshit. It's incomplete data. There are services out there scraping your Instagram. While you may not care about privacy that much, the problem is they're misrepresenting you. Unfortunately, there's no real way to know what's out there. You can always google your name certainly. If any of these platforms reach out or if you hear that a brand found you in a platform that you didn't sign up for, I would reach out, tell them to take your profile down or certainly ask to see it because you don't know what they're saying about you.

    They might be saying you're buying followers and you're not. I'm not just saying this because I think all of my competitors are trash and you guys should only be on Four. Well, I do think that is mostly true, but it's just something to consider. You want to know how you're being presented to the world.
    Episode #181
    - Looking ahead to 2020, Manifesting growth, Year-long partnerships