• For those of you who haven't seen this, weird, but Kacey Musgraves went to this one-hour photoshop, got some amazing, cheesy photos made and printed and post them to her Instagram. Basically said, hey, talk to the owner of this business. They have struggled when the world moved to digital. I went in, had a really good time shooting with them. I loved the photos. If you guys are in the area, it would be amazing if you could go support them.

    In general, I think she was like, there's so many of these businesses. If you can going in and spending five dollars with them rather than Amazon priming it, or working with somebody. He meant it's a small thing you can do to support your community. I think the response has been overwhelming. People are lining up to get their photos taken. It's totally revitalized their business. It's a big guy feel-good story I think for Kacey and for everyone involved. I think is an influencer. Obviously, she is sitting at hundreds of thousands of likes on these photos. She has, I don't know how many followers, but more than you probably do if you're watching this show, but I do think it speaks too.

    When we were talking about, a few weeks ago, using your feed for good and the charity trip I did in Bangladesh. That's a hard thing to do. Just getting the visas was incredibly difficult. It's something that no individual could just do. If you were like, I'm going to Bangladesh, I don't even know that that would be possible. There are smaller things that you can do. You can highlight a local business in your neighborhood. Again, Kacey Musgraves took her platform and did something really fun with it. Is it going to change this guy's life forever? No. It'll be a spike for a week, a month, a few months. If that business is going to close, that business is going close. One Instagram post is not going to change that.

    But in the short term, it certainly is helping, and it's giving them a chance. I think that as the space is growing, and as we focus more and more on money, you lose that thing that is so fun about having a platform. Which is being able to use it to highlight people that you think are doing awesome things and bring them some attention. It's so hard to run a business. You guys know, you've heard me talk about that. It's so hard. When somebody goes out on a limb and does something to support you and try and bring awareness to the thing that you're doing, you don't forget it.

    I told said Tim's putting a movie out. I think when we were talking about it in the run-up to him launching this film, I was like, "You're definitely going to notice the friends that show up with their credit card, verse the ones that don't." It means a lot when somebody supports the thing you're doing with money or time or throw some attention at it because, for you, it's everything. You're looking at it as a business owner being like, this is a small thing somebody could do. Why are they not doing it? That is if it's your friends, but I think as an influencer, thinking about that power and thinking about your ability to not make national news like Kacey Musgraves did. If you get 10 more customers to go to a local business in the next month, that's 10 customers. That's real money. That actually can make a difference.

    I think it's really fun. I think it's a fun story about the power of Instagram and social, and what a following can do for someone. I encourage all of you to go find weird, small, cool businesses in your neighborhood, talk about them, drive people to them, get them to shop there, find new brands and talk about those. You can make your money in other ways. That's probably the reason you got into this in the first place, anyway, it was to help and talk about cool brands and businesses that are doing interesting things. Get back to that and listen to Kacey Musgraves' last album, because it was an absolute banger end to end. That is all.
    Episode #164
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