• First question is not really a question, but I think a good time to kind of reflect on the last week in Bangladesh and being out there with influencers. I was out there with Christina Caradona, Urban Koi and Stella Simona and we were in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh, and then we went down to Cox’s Bazar to the largest refugee camp in the world and visited those for a few days to see the work that Concern Worldwide was doing.

    Incredible perspective-shifting trip. I've never really seen anything like it. I've never been to a proper third-world country. I posted a bunch of about it in Instagram. I'll continue to do some more posts where I kind of go into greater depth on the work Concern is doing, and also I think its effect on me. Just speaking from an influencer perspective, I think it is an interesting balance to cover something like that that is way outside of the norm.

    One of the things that worked so well with the trip is, it was such an emotional thing and all the influencers that were there felt a deep connection to the crisis in Bangladesh, both in the cities and out in the refugee camps, and the work that the organizations were doing out there. It was really refreshing, I think, for me to kind of see that real emotional connection to the things that they were talking about and I think to them as well. Everyone left the trip feeling refreshed, feeling a little better about what they do and I think it's a good reminder.
    Again, I know we talked about using your following for good and the idea of this kind of like digital philanthropy and giving your reach instead of money, to raise awareness about causes.

    I do think there's a moral call to do that. I also think as an influencer, if you're feeling burnt out, if you're feeling disconnected from your work, if you forget why you do this, and you aren't as passionate about it as you used to be, it's a nice way to step back and remember that reach you have can be used for more than selling a product or making yourself more famous. I think as an influencer, you need those breaks sometimes, you need those reminders that what you're doing is important and isn't totally vapid or self-interested.

    I don't believe this space is inherently self-interested. Obviously, I think the work that you all do is important and disrespected in the space, in the world rather. Again, if you're feeling a little down about it, I think we've talked in the past about just taking a break from Instagram and seeing kind of the change in the influencers this week.

    I would add to that advice and say that, maybe go out and do something totally different. Do something like one of these trips. There are thousands of NGOs throughout the world doing incredible work. If you guys can get yourself free rooms at the four seasons in Paris, I'm sure you can get yourself to one of these countries or highlight the work that's happening here in the United States as well. I think you'll find yourself refreshed and feeling kind of ready to get back at your job and connected to the work that you do more. Can't suggest it enough for you all, go out, find a cause that you're passionate about and give your feed over to them and see how you can help. You'll be better for it. We'll be better for it. The world will be better for it.
    Episode #162
    - Using Your Platform for Good, Seeking Mentorship, Engagement Rates