• I believe last week I told you guys if you haven't logged in do it. That's the basics. If your Instagram disconnected. we will email you. if your YouTube gets disconnected, we'll email you. We'll let you know those things have been disconnected so that you can come back and reconnect it. It's going be hard to get any opportunities with us or our clients if your accounts aren't connected. It's going be hard to get anything with us if you haven't submitted for verification, so if you haven't done that, absolutely make sure you go in and do that.

    Then there's a new feature we have called testimonials where you can drive your audience to a page where they can leave you testimonials. Those testimonials then show up on your profile.

    Testimonials got launched a couple of weeks ago. We've had about 10,000 testimonials left for influencers. Again, we use testimonials in the Freshman Class and the Sephora squad activations that we did. What's different here is that you see the testimonials. Really, this is a way to just get compliments. If you're feeling a little down, go to Fohr, grab that testimonial Insta story, post it to the audience and just watch the compliments rush in. I think Grace Atwood did it last time I checked, and in like a day, she had 500. That's 500 compliments. I need to do it because I don't get complimented enough, honestly, so I think I need to get my testimonials out there so I can see all that good feedback.

    What we're trying to do, in all seriousness, is give brands a look at what you do beyond just your feed. The way your audience feels about you, the connection that they feel to you, the impact that you have had on your audience's life, that's what testimonials are trying to suss out, things that when a brand went to your feed they wouldn't be able to see. They wouldn't be able to glean from just looking at your feed. If you haven't done that, absolutely go check it out, and go grab those testimonials. I think they'd be really beneficial, and I know clients are already using them quite a bit in their influencer selections.

    I also just recently-- Many, many episodes ago we talked about influencers doing newsletters as a good way to stay in touch with your brand contacts, send out a monthly newsletter. We'll find what episode that is and link to it. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. I got one from an influencer the other day that had some of her testimonials from her audience in her newsletter. I thought that was a really clever way to use it. This isn't something you usually get as an influencer. You're getting reviewed, essentially, by your audience.

    If you have a 100,000 followers and you feel like that's not much but you can be like, "Hey, look at these 20 testimonials from my audience that talk about how important and influential I am in their lives", that can kind of tip the scale away from your following into this other place. If you haven't done it, not only is it a feel-good thing to do but it really can help your business.
    Episode #159
    - Reposting Instagram Stories, Fohr Influencer Profiles, Usage Rights