• So we've talked about this a good amount We talked about Taylor's article from the Atlantic, is the Instagram aesthetic dead? Is like editorial perfect, beautiful imagery. Is that what works on Instagram anymore? The world would say no. The data says no. There are outliers that do work. Obviously, we talked about Tessa all the time. She's crushing it. Everything she's doing is really, really editorial. Obviously, I talk about Jamie Beck all the time. Hi, Jamie. Every time I mentioned Jamie on the show, she screenshots the like where I mentioned her with a smiley face.

    So hello Jamie. She's doing really well. She was on the show. She's doing great. Editorial can work. It is a harder path that gets you to a similar place if you're trying to build a following. In researching this and thinking about this question, I've been into what Krystal Bick and Igee Okafor have been doing recently. They'd been recreating movies as like these shoots with Grant Leegin. They did one for-- what was the silly face? What was it?

    They did one that was like-- I don't know. Some fucking old ass movie. Some old ass movie. They did like a notebook one at Coney island. Which like what turd of a movie that is but I digress. That movie is absolute trash.

    The latest one they did was Roman Holiday. So I was interested because like they are putting a shit load of effort into these things. These are multi-day multi-look shoots with Grant who is very busy and doesn't do this stuff off hand. They're renting studio space. Have you ever been Coney island? It is far. I've been to Coney Island once and I drove. Just taking the F train to Coney island. You take your life into your hands in a lot of ways and it's like two hours on the subway.

    So I was like, "Why are they doing this? Is it working?" One, they're on their third shoot, their accounts were both stalled growth wise and they have started to grow. So the first time in months they have started to grow recently which is interesting. We'll keep tracking it as they keep rolling these things out. I talked to Igee and Krystal about why they're doing this. For them, similar I think to Grace Atwood and what we've heard from other people in the show, like, "This is just what they want to do." Krystal loves editorial.

    Igee is like a walking, beautiful mannequin. I don't think he's a real person, honestly. I always expect his face to open and a little robot to pop out. I'm not saying Igee is a robot, but he seems too perfect to be real. Anyway, so I talked to them about it like, "Why are you doing this?" So they both had similar feelings of the engagement wasn't amazing. They didn't expect it to be amazing. They have gotten like a great-- like Krystal said, "If I ask my audience if they want this type of content, they absolutely would say no. They want more in the moment, lesser editorial."

    When she publishes it, she feels like she gets a big outpouring of support and love for it. Igee posts like-- sometimes he'll post like five photos in a day. He says when he does that each photo the engagement is not great. He does say he gets a huge amount of profile visits because people feel like they missed something. Again, thinking about Instagram and the algorithm, anything that you do on someone's feed. I was doing this research on Igee yesterday and I was on his feed a bunch.

    I didn't like anything, but I was just on his feed scrolling through opening photos, things like that. Today I had like three of his old photos in my feed. So like any action you can get from Instagram, I don't think it necessarily has to be likes on your account. It's going to do good things for the algorithm. Igee has crazy high reach as well in general. So that was interesting that he said that he does the drops. He publishes all the content at once and says like, "I know the engagement is not going to be good but it's going to create more of a moment. It's going to be harder to miss it."

    I think that it's interesting for them to shoot these campaigns and publish them at the same time because it's very different than how people generally use Instagram. So if you don't follow Krystal and Igee, I would definitely have a look at what they're doing. I think it's really exciting and fun and beautiful and it totally again goes against everything that you should be doing on Instagram. I think it's starting to work for them. I think that again, sorry to mention Jamie again but we talked about how she was stagnated for years.

    When she really leaned into the thing she's doing in Provence for a year of doing it, her following didn't grow. Then after that year, it started to grow. I think if I had a theory about like if Krystal and Igee kept doing stuff like this, is that like on the 10th one it would start doing really well. That it will eventually drive growth but anything that you're doing, any new type of content, like yes, you're looking for that immediate, does the audience like it? For both of them, they say that they're the way they know they have like product-market fit that the audience likes it. It's DMs that they're getting. They're getting a lot of DMs about it. So once you have that, you are like, cool, this is a concept people like. Then you just need to be consistent. You need to do it over and over and over again to really see if it works. I think if you're going to bring a new editorial aspect into your feed of if you're going to try something new be it YouTube, you're going to bring cooking in, you want to do more home stuff, whatever it is, if you're tracking the performance of that and that's something you care about, you want to know Week 1, does it have product market fit? Do people care about this? Should I spend my time on this? You should be able to answer that question within the first couple of times you publish something and then after that, give it, I'd say three months to really see if the attention stays or if people get bored and drift away and if it's something that you consistently want to do.
    Episode #158
    - Instagram Saves as a Metric, Editorial Content, Hiding Likes