• First, absolutely. I think we said before on the show that saves are like a super like. Again, think about why you would save something. Because you want to see it later. There's liking it, which is like, "I want you to know that I saw this and I liked it." There's no other real reason to like a post. Saving it is like, "I want to look at this later."

    I think looking at the post that gets the most saves is really interesting to understand what your audience is connecting with. We had a data scientists on our team look through the data on thousands and thousands of posts, I think 50,000 posts, to pull out insights of what is working, what posts are getting saved more than others. Number one, and this is obvious but sometimes the obvious stuff is important to hear again, it's posts that have tips or hacks or something like that. It makes sense. You leave some photography tip or this is how I do my makeup or this is a DIY trick I learned. Obviously that is something that if it's interesting, you're going to want to come back too. So it makes sense that a lot of people will be saving that. When I saw this study there was like a little light bulb that went off in my head. It's just like, "In our campaigns we should be pushing influencers more to try and give tips, give something that is saveable in the content." Because again, we talk about educate, inspire or entertain.

    Those are the three things a post needs to do. If it doesn't educate, inspire, or entertain, then it's probably self-serving. It's probably like, "I think I look good here so I'm going to post this," or, "I just feel like posting this," or, "I'm getting paid to post this, I'm going to post that." Post needs to inspire, educate, entertain. So educate. I think if you don't know what to say or if you feel like your content is not doing that well, I think a good thing for everyone to do maybe this week is just to try and do a post this week where you teach your audience something.

    I think lists are good. In the captions you can be like, "Hey." Like, "Here's five things that I learned about this or here is what I do when-- I think I just saw, Quigley. What's her account name? Officially Quigley. Officially Quigley. She's been doing like mad long captions recently which had been doing really well. I think she just did one that was like, "Here's what I do when I'm in a creative rat," and how she gets out of that. Things like that. Take this week, try and do one post that you feel like is something you can teach your audience.

    Be really explicit about it. Then look at the saves. Let's see if that becomes one of your most saved posts. I think it will. I think that it's a good metric to start tracking and maybe once a week you can start pulling some tip or something and obviously all the content at fore is that. The content that does the best is always stuff that's teaching you guys something. It's never like, "Hey, we're launching this new thing. Hey, we did this really exciting campaign that we're super proud of." You might be like, "Cool. You guys did a good job. That is cool."

    I don't really give a shit. What does that have to do with me? So the content that does great for us is when we're teaching you something because it is valuable to you. So take that lesson, whatever it is and try and teach your audience something this week and look at the saves and see if you can do better than normal. So she's on episode 15 of foreground, she talks about long captions, why she writes them, why she loves them. Maybe she also explains why the hell her Instagram is called Officially Quigley.
    Episode #158
    - Instagram Saves as a Metric, Editorial Content, Hiding Likes