• I think one really important is that even if something is embargoed and you can't talk about it until the day it launches, you can still use that product in the weeks leading up to the activation. You could take photos or create content over the week or so leading up to it and then publish all of that on the day of to say, "Hey, I've been using this for a few weeks, here's a couple of examples of how," to actually show your audience that you have truly been using it.

    Also, again, by using that product for a few weeks beforehand, that excitement can be real and authentic. End of the day, posting about something a couple times versus posting about it once, if you are authentically actually excited about a product, that will come across. If it's one post or if it's ten. Now, I think it is easier when you do ten posts to have it feel authentic because you're saying, "I love it" and you're actually using it over and over again, but the most important part is actually being excited and transferring that excitement from yourself to your audience.

    The best salespeople in the world, the way they get done what they do is that if they're excited about a product, they transfer that excitement to somebody else. They get someone else excited about it and then all of a sudden, you're excited about a product and you don't even know why you're excited about it or how that happened, but all of a sudden, you're excited about it. That is what a great salesperson can do. It is called transfer of excitement. That's not really that technical of a term, but it's super important. Again, one post, ten posts, you just have to get into that mindset of being like, "I need to exude excitement and I need to be so excited about this that it transfers."

    Think about a camp counselor and any time you had a camp counselor type figure. Let's say it's eight in the morning and there's a room full of- you're in eighth grade and everyone's asleep and has a little bit of teenage angst and a lot of hormones running through them and nobody's excited about life or anything. This camp counselor comes in and is like, "Hey, everyone, are we excited?" And everyone's like [mumbles]. He is like, "I can't hear you." Those people are kind of lame and, for me, I could never really do that, but then two minutes in, if they continue to drive that and be excited, all of a sudden the crowd starts getting louder, all of a sudden people are excited and they are getting into it.

    Sometimes it's just totally selling that and being like, "I am just committed to this. I am going to commit myself and I'm going to be like, 'I am fucking stoked and I'm going to get you excited.'" That does work. Again, if it's launching and you're embargoed or not-- Yes, there are ways, and there are best practices as far as how you post, when you post to make sure somethings feels authentic, but again, the most important thing is being authentic. We talk about authenticity like it is this thing we're chasing, but authenticity, if you're authentic, is there. It's not often where it's like, "I really love this product and I was so excited about it," and nobody believed that.

    The problem is that you're probably not that excited, and you don't really want to do it, maybe you're doing it for the wrong reasons, you're doing it for the money or something. Or you don't like the brief, or you're having a bad day, whatever it is, so you're not really excited about it. Then you can't transfer that excitement and it doesn't feel authentic. The easiest way to solve that problem is by only doing things that you're really excited about. Only when you start working on projects that you're not really excited about, do you have to really start thinking about, "How can I trick people into thinking I'm excited so that this feels authentic?"

    That is, potentially, the reality of the business. Doesn't have to be. You could turn more down, but for most people, I think, that's a reality that there are projects that they're really excited about and projects that maybe they're a little less excited about, but I think as an industry, we should all be- our North Star should be that this is going to be authentic because I'm going to only work on projects that I'm authentically excited about. If you can't convince your audience that you love something that you really, really love, then you're, honestly, probably not very good at your job. I don't really know what to say about that. Maybe pick another career.
    Episode #157
    - Pre-launch hype, anti-bullying on Instagram, NYT article