• I think it's important to think about influencers as a new way to execute advertising right? If influencers are just in the marketing channel, a new and exciting marketing channel but a marketing channel. Then think about what industries marketing is relevant for, and that is essentially every industry.

    Now, it's also a new channel, so it's not fully matured. There're definitely are pockets where it is harder to find influencers who are focused on those things. Like for a-- let's think about a company that's very much B2B on an enterprise level and is making wind turbines. Probably not a huge place for influencers there all right? It's probably your audience that you're trying to market to or sell to it's probably not on Instagram.

    What are people going to say about enormous wind turbines on Instagram, but I think companies that get really big where people don't know what they do start to think about advertising as more of a PR thing. They just want to get their name known a little bit and so there are ways for companies that don't necessarily traditionally make sense to get the word out. That might be around some things they're doing with the charity. Maybe they have some kind of fun project that they're working on. Maybe it's a big Gala event that they do and they invite influencers too.

    As a brand, there's not a lot of brands out there that don't want more people knowing what they are. I think that we will see as time progresses and as the space becomes more important and influential. Businesses using influencers-- businesses that understand that there is no consumer side to their business will use influencers to maybe shed light on the corporate good work that they're doing, or some of the other things that they're doing to get some goodwill in the space.

    Get some name recognition out there. To maybe counteract the fact that they're dumping millions of tons of toxic chemicals into rivers every day. That's traditionally how those brands have used advertising. It's to try and-- maybe because they're not in the public's sphere, they want to own that narrative and be able to say, "If anyone knows anything about us, we want it to be this thing that we do.

    Again, this really great charity work we do for corporate good we're doing or some new initiative, or some new little project we're working on, or we did a code brand thing with this other brand that is more consumer-facing" so I think the way you-- to get back to the actual question. I'm going off on tangents a lot today. How do you find out if they're influential in your industry? Well, I think that the easiest way is to probably- if you're not a first mover is to probably see if you're competitors start using them.

    I would say that almost every industry there is something that you're business or brand could do with an influencer to help move the needle on your business and do some good for you. I think it would be a very rare business and I'm sure if I thought about it we could come up with examples but it'll be very rare where it would 100% absolutely never makes sense.

    It depends largely on the messaging and again for those alternative industries, are the ones that are more B2B. I think it's going to be more about very much not product-based but company focused.
    Episode #156
    - Influencer engagement rate, differences, relevance in your industry