• I'm not really here to comment on the actual proposal, and I know there was a lot of outrage over FTC compliance and you know whether or not she should have disclosed the brand partnership she did. I don think that's what people are actually pissed off about. If you look at what they actually got, it was equivalent to like $1000 of value. They really didn't get that much-sponsored content. I think what people were pissed about was they felt like idiots. I think people don't like to feel like they're a fool and they got played and I think right when that broke that it was happening and the whole Internet was looking at it and watching.

    They were super invested and they felt they were watching something that felt interesting or funny or sweet or whatever. Then when I saw the deck, they realized they were part of potentially part of a big ploy, they got tricked. Nobody likes getting pranks pulled on them, nobody likes being made a fool of. I think that was where some of the backlash was it's like when you retweet or post a photo that ends up being fake and people are like, "That's a fake photo," and then you feel just stupid because you feel you should have known better but you got caught up in something.

    I feel that too. I saw it and I was like, "Oh my gosh." I put it in our slack channels that you guys watching this is crazy proposal wedding thing happening in real time on Instastories. Then I saw the deck 10 hours later and was like, "Yes I kind of feel like an ass hole now." I think what is interesting though and what I think about more and more on the Internet when this kind of stuff happens is that, when the mob turns on you, it gets really, really ugly. Do I think the whole thing was a little uncomfortable? Yes. I think in the end, especially that deck leaking the whole thing, felt a little like disingenuous.

    Do I think that they deserved the amount of shit that they got? Absolutely not. I think that what scares me and what should scare anyone who puts things on the Internet, is that like When the mob switches over and decides you suck, they can just absolutely ruin your life for no good reason. I've seen this happen a few times and I participated in it as well like tweeting that someone's terrible or whatever, just piling on to something. It feels good and it feels you're watching this car crash, right. You're, literally the Internet is ruining somebody's life in real time and as a human that is something that you're drawn to and is a probably a flaw in our makeup as humans.

    I think about what would it be like if it was me on that, on the other end of the mob, and regardless if she knew or if she didn't. She looked miserable when she got married and I'm sure the whole thing was ruined for her and fucking sucked. If that was the Internet's goal, congratulations and look you can be like, hey, they did it. They put their thing out there and they are if you're going to have a wedding on Instastories in real time, you open yourself up to that and probably why weddings shouldn't have pitch decks and they shouldn't be that public. Because if any day should be private and be about you and someone else, I think would probably be your wedding day.

    Again, I can see a world in which they brought this on themselves by making it so public, but as a collective, as the Internet, do we feel good about that? Do we feel good that everyone shit all over them for three days and was hand-wringing? Really, it felt people were really happy when they found out there was a pitch deck because it was like, "Fuck them, they suck. These good-looking successful people, I knew they sucked." You saw she removed Goop from her profile, from her bio, Goop's PR had to put out a statement, say that they were launching an internal investigation about the way that she went down doing this wedding.

    What if she didn't know and now her husband just planned this. This sucks and everyone is so stoked to be like, these people are terrible. We don't know them and so I am trying to be a better person and be a better steward on the Internet. When I see this kind of mob things happening, I try and generally just stay out of it, because one day the mob will come for me, I'm sure. God knows the amount of shit I've said on this show. I'm sure somebody will dig it up one day and I'm going to be made to look some big asshole. I hope on that day y'all come to my defense and don't pile on.

    Because these are people's lives. Whether or not they suck and they're shitty people, I don't know. I don't know these people but I don't think someone deserves to have their lives ruined over the Internet because they decided to have a fucking wedding on Instagram. I don't think that is really an appropriate response. That is probably all I'm going to say about that wedding.
    Episode #154
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