• The short answer is, absolutely. We just did a campaign with Sephora with bilingual influencers. As the world just becomes a more global and connected place that is something, that we're seeing asked for more and more. If you are bilingual, I would encourage you to post in both languages. It doesn't have to necessarily be every post, but I do think that having a bilingual audience is an increasingly appealing thing.

    We work with bilingual influencers all the time. I would say we probably work with bilingual influencers more than just Spanish speakers or just French speakers or something like that. I think that's probably partially because most of the work we do is in the US and they want to make sure they're getting benefits on both sides. It would be harder for us to work with an Italian who just moved over here who was bilingual because there's not a huge population in America that's just Italian speaker.

    That would probably be less interesting to a brand, but certainly, Spanish speakers living in the US who are speaking to both audiences is absolutely something we would work with. We'll work with those influencers on campaigns that are specifically targeting those communities that aren't speaking English. We also will work with bilingual influencers on campaigns that are just targeting English speaking customers. I don't think that you necessarily pigeonhole yourself.

    I think Andrea from Dear Milano does a good job of this. If you can check out hers. It's not every post is in Spanish, but certainly, some of them are and some of them are in Spanish and English. I think she does a great job of balancing. It's probably someone to look at if you are wondering how to balance both languages.
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