• I'm not going to be one of those people that says like imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because honestly, it's really annoying. It's annoying to do something and to have it stolen, this is why I think that all the meme accounts are total trash, I've never been like a @thefatjewish or @fuckjerry fan, I don't think it's interesting when people just steal other people's stuff and put it up and like I died I just don't really think that takes a huge amount of talent, not saying that there's not funny stuff on that account but it doesn't have anything to do with fuck Jerry or the fat Jew so like it's not interesting. Those dudes are millionaires, and they did that off stealing other people's jokes but I digress.

    It is annoying when people steal things from you especially if you are not in a position of power, like it's one thing to be like very successful and to do something and to have people try and emulate it, that's annoying but not as annoying as not being successful and having someone successful with a much bigger platform come and steal your thing, so now you can't be seen as like the genesis of that and now it looks like you are copying the person that stole from you, which is incredibly annoying but happens all the time.

    I think that like for me it's probably just not a really interesting thing to think about that much because what are you going to do? There's literally nothing you can do I think that if you find yourself in life doing something that works and that brings you success, other people will look at it and say, "okay, I'm going to do that too." I mean when we started this company we're the first influencer marketing platform in the world. Now, I'm not going to say that people copied us it's not like that crazy of an idea, but it certainly has been frustrating over the years to see hundreds of companies launch doing what we're doing, but I think what I have found to be true in life is that ideas are essentially meaningless and execution is really the only thing that matters.

    The idea of Fohr Card when we started it. It was really not that great of an idea, it wasn't like I invented a fucking personal computer or something. The idea hasn't really meant anything. I think that what is more important is your ability to execute on it and your ability to do it well. I think that our society, in general, places too much value on ideas. I know that when people are thinking about starting a business they're like, "I'd love to be an entrepreneur but I just don't have a great idea."

    To that you'd say again, most businesses, they're not original ideas. Facebook was just another version of MySpace, and it wasn't really any different other than like it started in colleges and it was blue. The only thing that's mattered is execution. Mark is an incredible executive and he's made really good decisions and some bad ones over the last 15 years or so. That has made all the difference, not the idea of Facebook, the idea of Facebook is meaningless when compared to the execution of it. I think if you can focus less on ideas and more on executing them effectively that is where you will find your success.
    Episode #147
    - Instagram removes likes in Canada, Staying Relevant, Stealing Ideas