• I was talking to Chloe Morello last week. Hopefully, you guys watched that episode. She's great. She talked about IGTV videos doing really well, doing better than her YouTube videos. I was interested in that and then we published an IGTV video that did quite well for views. I was like, "This seems a little fishy because Facebook has a traditionally really loose definition of what a view is." I did some research and for IGTV, I think it's five seconds or three seconds. I think it's three or five seconds that you have to watch a video for it to count as a view.

    On a YouTube that's over a minute, it's 30 seconds that you need to watch for it to count as a view. If you look at IGTV and you look at your stats, it shows a graph of how long people watched. Look at how many-- I would say 70% of the views are less than 30 seconds. If it was on YouTube, 70% of your views would have not been counted as views. This is what Instagram is doing to try, and because people are so blinded by likes and view counts and things that, it's a really simple way for them to try and pull YouTubers away from YouTube into Instagram because it's like, "Holy shit, I'm getting 100,000 views on YouTube, but I'm getting 400,000 on Instagram."

    Where are you going to post? You're going to post on Instagram. Then you're going to realize, "Holy shit, nobody's actually watching these videos. They're watching two or three seconds of it and turning it off." That is not watching your video. I think it is bullshit the way Instagram is counting a view. I personally think that it should be standard across all the platforms, so you can just know a view is a view and it has a definition, and that definition is standard across any platform because it gives Instagram an unfair advantage in the vanity metrics, but the real impact of it, is still so much less than YouTube.

    If you're getting 100,000 on YouTube 300,000 on Instagram, I would put every cent I have, which is not many cents, saying that the 100,000 YouTube views are much more impactful than the 300,000 Instagram views because I bet 80% of those are not watching the full video. They're watching the first few seconds because it came in their feed and it auto-played or something, and then they scrolled off of it, but Instagram counts that as a view, so that they can sell more ads, and they can attract people away from YouTube.

    It's bull shit. I would not get too wrapped up in it, and I would look at your metrics, look at your IGTV views, try and calculate what percentage of them made it to 30 seconds and use that number to look at your YouTube views and understand, should you be moving away from YouTube. Other than that, IGTV doesn't give you too many metrics. They're pretty light right now. I think we're still in the infancy of that product and its performance in the way that we've talked about it. I wouldn't sweat performance that much. I would just experiment a little bit and see what's working for you and what's not.

    Hope Mark's not watching, but I don't know that I shit on Facebook earlier. I don't think Facebook has any-- Do I think that they have a duty to try and protect our democracy? Sure, yes. I think that they do. Do I think they have a duty to shut down the terrible trolls and the rampant harassment that is happening on their platforms? Absolutely. Should they shut down white supremacist groups? Absolutely.

    They don't. They're worrying about all these other things, but anyway, I digress. I don't think they have a responsibility to make people feel good if they don't think they have that responsibility. They very clearly don't. I mean, they're one of the most profitable companies in the world and that's their focus. I think the sooner everyone understands that, the sooner you can welcome yourself into adulthood. It may not be right but it is the world. It's not changing. The only way to change Facebook's mind is to do that with your wallet.

    If you don't want to use it, don't use it. I have no problem with them, generally. I think they're a business, and they make decisions like a business. I do wish all the platforms would take harassment more seriously, but I also understand it's an incredibly complex question that starts to bleed into your right to free speech.
    Episode #146
    - Hiding Like Counts, Younger Instagram Users, IGTV Metrics