• We say that saves are like a super like. I love saves. We did a survey, we saw that when people see a product post of a product that they want to purchase, 15% of them will swipe up, and look at the product page to see if they want to buy it. 38% will save the in-feed post for later so that they can either look in-store or online to try and purchase that product later.

    Saves is such an interesting place to look when you're talking about engagement. I think the average generally is about. The average generally is abut 0.1% of your followers should be saving your posts. We can put up the averages for all the following levels so we'll put that up here so you guys can see. Especially on your product posts, watching saves and how many people are saving it is a really interesting thing.

    When you're reporting to brands and you're talking about success saying like, "Hey, 800 people saved this post, and generally, my audience is saving posts because they want to purchase so it's a really good sign this did really well." Also, for us, if we see someone who has great engagement but no saves, those things don't really add up. For us, we start to think, "Was this engagement purchased?"

    If you have people who are really engaged, generally they're also saving the posts, so if they're not saving the posts and you have high engagement, it leads us to think that maybe you've been purchasing engagements. It's definitely something that you want to watch, understand, and look through. Go into your Insights, look at your most saved posts, see what they are, and try and figure out how to optimize for that.

    It is useless if you don't report it back to brands and tell them what's happening and get excited about that. It's definitely a way to separate yourself, and just know it is a metric that we as a company are watching very closely, and we're reporting to our brand partners, so you should start to pull that into your reports as well.

    I haven't heard people talking about saves or how many people sent that post to a friend. You need to be thinking about this. There's only so many metrics that are in your Instagram and you need to be understanding-- Again, ask yourself, "Why would somebody send this post to a friend?" Because they want that friend to see it, because they're interested in it, because they're making fun of you. There's only so many options of why they would send this to somebody.

    If you have a post that has a lot of sends and a lot of saves, you have to ask yourself why, and try and take a guess. Then as you're looking at all of your content, you're seeing the performance of those things, start to try and understand what is happening and understand how to tell that story to brands because I'm not hearing a lot of brands talk about it. I don't think a lot of brands are thinking about it. It doesn't mean they shouldn't be, and certainly, we are banging the drum about it.

    It is a metric that's going to become more important in the coming weeks, or in the coming months.
    Episode #142
    - Saves (The New Like), Staying on a Brands Radar, Negotiation Tips