• Well, first of all, Instagram is not a great traffic driver in general. It is built and designed to keep you inside of the app. Again, think of your own behavior. How often do you swipe up on posts? How often do you click a link on a bio? Not that often. I think by design, Instagram isn't great at driving traffic. It is the thing that most brands are interested in.

    It's certainly more requested right now than a blog post, but if you still have a blog, SEO continues to be super important, especially if your posts are answering a question that people are going to be putting into Google. If it is, "Five best places to go on vacation with your kids," that is something that you should SEO the fucking shit out of. If it is just like, "Here's my Tuesday outfit," SEO is going to be less important. If you think about-- and this is the same for YouTube videos, where like if your video is answering a question, it could get a lot of traffic because people are searching for those questions.

    The better your blog post does, the more traffic it is going to get. Same with your YouTube video, if it is answering a question, how to do a cat eye? Then it's going to get more traffic than potentially like my cat eye tips. It's certainly something to consider. Again, blogs, while diminishing in perceived value for brands I think will continue to be valuable. If you're a blogger out there who's had a blog for a while and still has one, I would encourage you to continue to put effort into that and keep it going.

    Instagram can come and go vine, tumbler, ticktock whatever it is, but your blog is something that you kind of own and you can take with you and it's platform agnostic.
    Episode #138
    - Sponsored Instagram Stories, Passion vs. Engagement