• I know there's a few AI influencers out there. I don't follow the computer influencers. I don't know that much about them. That won't stop me from talking about it, but I will just caveat that by saying I don't really know much about them. First of all, AI is a grossly overused term for just technology, because I don't actually think that the AI influencers are AI, they're just computer-generated influencers with people behind them.

    I don't think they have sentient AI making their own decisions about what they're posting. I don't know that it's totally AI. Now, what will happen in the influencer space? There is talk of like, "Are these computer-generated influencers going to start to take over?" There's a couple out there that have a huge following. I would say that's because of the novelty of it, not because they're especially interesting.

    Do I think that there can be tens of thousands of influencers that aren't real people? Potentially. I do think that from the little I know about AI, the most difficult thing is to program in spontaneity and creativity, because the nature of it is that it is an equation that is constantly running, taking in inputs and spitting out outputs. I think we're pretty far away from being able to replicate spontaneity and creativity.

    I don't think there's going to be a huge problem in the influencer space. Now, how can it help you? I think that we can probably start to see some programs that will do a better job of looking at your feed, understanding what's working, what's not, maybe pulling out insights that you don't understand, maybe looking at globally what's happening in social and Instagram, and able to find seams for different influencers and people on strategies that are working, or things that aren't being talked about that might leave some wide space for you to grab.

    I could see programs like that actually being quite beneficial to influencers in just being able to crunch an incredible amount of data. We all live in our sphere of influence. You have your feed, and it's pretty hard to get outside of your feed, and especially as the world becomes increasingly dependent on algorithms. This is a frustration I have with music, is that if you listen to a lot of Spotify, and then you are looking into Spotify and discover playlists to find new music, by nature of that, your music taste will start to narrow, because as we talked about with AIs, spontaneity is difficult. I think I've talked about this before potentially, have I?

    AI doesn't know to jump outside of your tastes and say, "Maybe this week you want to listen to the Blues," if you've never listened to the Blues, and so it will just ignore that completely, unless there's other people who listen to similar things of you listening to the Blues, it might make that assumption. Even if we were building algorithms to help us understand what content we specifically should be posting, I would be weary of depending too much on it, because again, I think that when you see new trends in social, it's generally people bucking the current trends in a fairly dramatic way.

    I don't think a computer can predict what your direction should be if you're moving away from the current trend yet. AI might get that advanced eventually, but we're certainly not there yet. I wouldn't worry about it. If we get to that point, we're probably all about to die. Anyway, if you believe what Elon says, we're probably all going to end up being enslaved by machines, I will probably be dead by then, but any of our younger influencers out there watching this now, you might have to deal with it. So good luck battling our robot overlords.
    Episode #135
    - Influencer Peaks, Find Balance, Artificial Intelligence