• Short answer. Let's just dissect the words that we're saying here. Filler content, okay?

    If you feel like something is filler content, I think you probably shouldn't be posting it. By its very definition, it is not interesting. One, I totally understand that feeling where you've been super busy, it's been shitty in New York or something. You've got no new photos, you haven't posted in two days. You're not feeling inspired, but you have this really cute photo from a vacation you went on two months ago that you haven't posted. You're going to post it and say, "Who's dreaming of a beach vacation? Where should I go next?"

    I mean, is that filler content? I think you could argue one way or another if it's a photo that is-- it's a great photo that people like and other people are also sitting in New York in the shitty weather dreaming about going somewhere warm. I could see how it gets good engagement. It doesn't seem like something that a more established influencer would do. I think that with the algorithm change and with how competitive Instagram has gotten, I think every single post matters more and more. Every time you post you're going to lose followers, and you have to make sure that you're gaining more followers than you're losing. Actually posting it could hurt you rather than help you.

    Probably pretty rare for somebody to unfollow you if you're not posting. Someone really has to dislike you if for no reason they're just like, "I wonder if I follow this person, because I want to unfollow them right now." People usually unfollow you when they see a post of yours and they just say, "You know what I don't like this person anymore I'm out." When I clean up my account, I scroll through my feed and when I see posts that I'm like, "Why do I follow that person?" I unfollow them.

    One, that filler content is giving people an opportunity to unfollow you, an opportunity that they will absolutely take because every single time you post you are going to lose followers, that is just a fact. Think about it that way, it could actually hurt you. Tim brings up a point where we had Fohr Ground launching last week and Drink with James, so Fohr Ground on Monday, Drink with James-- Fohr Ground on Friday, Drink with James on Monday, and we didn't want two photos of me back to back, which I feel like would have been fine, so we put up a post about a bar in a new series that we're doing from employees favorite bars. For me, that doesn't feel like filler content because it is part of a larger series.

    If your audience is connecting with it and it's a post that's going to do well, it's not really filler content, but I would push you-- I would ask you to push yourself to make sure it is something that is actually valuable to your audience, not something you're posting because you're bored. Being bored is not a good reason to post. Being bored is not a good reason to eat. Those are the two truths in this world that I know to be true.

    Being bored is a good reason to drink, personally I think, but not a good reason to eat, not a good reason to post. If you are posting something that feels like filler content, just put the extra time and to try and make it interesting and try and engage people. If not, it's okay to miss a day. It's okay to miss a week, it is fine. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You don't have to post every day. Your audience, I promise they will survive. Don't feel pressured. Feeling that pressure to post means you might have an unhealthy relationship with Instagram in general.

    If you feel like, "Fuck, I need to post. What am I going to do? I need to post. If I don't put up this photo that I haven't created recently and isn't really that interesting, something's going to be off." I would maybe say it's time to reevaluate the way you feel about the app in general. That's deep. That's a whole other conversation.
    Episode #134
    - Pitching 101, Finding Inspiration, Filler Content