• I'm going to summarize because it was fairly long. Question number three is, essentially, an influencer who's getting great reach, 70% reach, which is fantastic, sometimes getting over a 100% reach using hashtags and things like that, but not gaining followers.

    Getting likes and getting reach but people aren't coming to the profile, off of the hashtags what can be done about that? And do brands care about where your reach comes from? Interesting question. I'll answer the second part of it first. I don't think currently brands are looking at where the reach comes from. They just want to make sure that eyeballs are on the post. So if 30% of your reach comes from Explorer, or 50% comes from Explorer, I don't think that really matters. I think what they just want to see is that you have good reach.

    Now, eventually, I could see that mattering because you can make an argument that if it came from Explorer, those people don't know you, and so inherently, they don't trust you as much, and so the value of that view is maybe less than a follower who's followed you for years. But, we are probably, at least a year away from people caring that much about that. We're just- still working on working on people to care about looking at reach instead of follower count, so I wouldn't worry to much about that.

    Now, let's think about what is happening when you're getting good reach from hashtags and from Explorer, but you're not getting the profile views or follows. I think potentially, and I can't speak to the person who asked the questions, actual count, but if I was going to guess, I would say that you're using hashtags that are used very broadly. Like #OOTD or #Fashion, and people are going through those hashtags liking photos to try and drive people back to their profiles.

    I would guess that some of those views and likes and engagement are coming from people who are trying to game the system themselves, so there's this echo-chamber of everyone trying to get something from someone else and not actually caring. This was the point when we visited Facebook/Instagram offices in New York City with the freshmen class. They said that when using hashtags, you should avoid those big ones like #OOTD or #Fashion, or whatever the big normal hashtags are, and try and focus more on niche-hashtags that are directly related to the exact type of content you are publishing on that day.

    I think that if you can do that, you probably have a better chance of converting the view to a profile view, and the profile view to a follow. If you're seeing a lot of reach, but not a lot of conversion or profile views, I would think you're on the wrong hashtags, and I would potentially say that, that is not super helpful for you in the long-term. So look to the niche-hashtags, look to something that does convert to you, or for you.
    Episode #133
    - Fyre Festival Documentary, Maintaining Privacy, User Behavior