• Yes. I think, well, it is possible to be successful and maintain your privacy, absolutely. It's probably harder to be successful and maintain your privacy on Instagram. If you're successful and on Instagram, to maintain your privacy. I think you have to be careful with how much you put out there about your personal life on the internet.

    I've heard many stories of people who, you know, celebrities who've been plagued with stalkers, and this goes on for years and years, it is difficult to prosecute somebody for following or stalking someone. Unfortunately, the laws are kind of tricky around it. Obviously, looking at what happened to Kim Kardashian is, again, way over on the scale of crazy stuff that could happen. You do see a general trend of, as people become more successful, they share less and less and less about their lives because they don't want people to know where they are, or they don't want people to know where they live.

    Let's say, you post out your apartment, a photo of your view in New York City. Pretty easy to look at that view and place where you live. Then your super-fans will be sitting on the street every time you leave your apartment. That is just not something that you want, and so I think that you should be pretty selective in what you share from your personal life. Especially, as it relates to where you live. You do not want people knowing where you live. I've seen a lot of influencers, as they become more successful, get P.O. boxes. I think that can be smart. Making sure your packages and things don't come to your home.

    A lot of you all work from home that means that your public address that's with public agencies is your home address. That's information that you may not want out in the world. If you live in New York City, there's things like City CoPilot where you can sign up and have packages sent there. You can get a WeWork office for $300, $400 a month and get your packages there, and have a place where you can go and work. There is options, but again, I would be very careful about what you share.

    There are a lot of successful people on the Internet that don't share a lot or anything about their private lives. I think that that's totally okay. You can also stagger your posting. Post your stories days after they actually happen so that people can't follow you. The other thing is some people don't really care about privacy. They're happy to share everything in their life and they want everyone to know everything about them and that is fine. I think that the more you do that, you do open yourself up to a hard reality check and something potentially scary and dangerous happening. Once you put it onto the internet, you can't really take it back.

    So, I would definitely think about what you're putting out into the world, and if what you want is to be massively successful and a famous influencer, that you can't get rid of that stuff. It's important to think about, even as your growing, what you're sharing and how much you're willing to open up and talk about yourself because the world is full of fucking weirdos and creeps and psychopaths. You cannot be too careful, especially when it concerns with your privacy. I see a lot of smaller influencers sharing a lot. Sharing a lot about like their homes. Again, especially in New York City, I think when you see a view, it's pretty easy to start to figure out where a person lives.

    Especially if it's a newer building, and you can look at the kitchen and be like, "Oh, I've seen that." It's the same kitchen over and over, so if you've seen one apartment, you can kind of say, "I know where you live." Again, I think a lot of the larger influencers do a pretty good job.

    Think about like Marianna Hewitt. I don't think I've ever seen her talk much about her house or show it. It's a lot of speaking to a camera and things like that, but not in their home. See, I think most bigger influencers tend to share less and less about that because they just want to try and keep that part of their lives separate.

    Someone who spoke at one of our conferences talked about that, that some of the schools in New York City are dealing with this. Do they want Instagram celebrities or influencers sending their kids to their kids' private school because are they going to be sharing that? Are they going to be sharing photos of that? Your privacy extends beyond just yourself as well, especially as you get a family. It's definitely something to consider. I think the ideal situation is to be rich and anonymous. For most people, it's probably what they want. To just have a bunch of money but have nobody know who the hell you are.

    Personally, not me. As I've spoken about it before, I'd like to be famous enough to be recognized, but not so much that it becomes a pain in my ass, and like I can't go to a restaurant. I don't think that's going to happen. But, you think about the life you want and share accordingly.
    Episode #133
    - Fyre Festival Documentary, Maintaining Privacy, User Behavior