• I've been on enough panels and everyone answers that they think Glossier and all these others are the leaders. Certainly, they are utilizing influencers quite a bit and they're doing it very effectively. I never say that I think they are the leaders, because it's very easy for them. Everyone wants to work with Glossier, they have really cool product, they were founded by an influencer, every influencer wants to work with them, everyone's talking about them organically.

    It's just not that hard for them, so they don't have to be that good because the entire company was set up so that people talked about it on Instagram. I look more towards companies that maybe have a harder time getting influencers to talk about them and watching what they do, because then, you really have to be good at influencer marketing. I think if you're a P&G brand, you’re Pantene or your degree or something like that, that's not a product that people are going to organically talk about much. I'm interested always in how those brands set up their influencer activation because I just think it's harder for them.

    Recently, I think from a much larger scale, it's been interesting what Adidas has done. It was a situation where they were getting beat by Nike always. Nike was very focused on sport and their influencers were just athletes, and Adidas have leaned in a lot more to pop culture, essentially went to a open space in the field where Nike wasn't playing and said, "Okay, we're going to own this." Certainly, that's made Nike sweat a little bit, has chipped away at market share for the first time in decades, I think. While their influencer strategy is enormous celebrities, I think that they went to a place where other people didn't go, and I think they did it really well.

    I liked the Breitling activations they were doing last year. They put influencers in fighter jets and shit. I just thought that was cool to see, because on my Instagram very often, I don't see people riding in fighter jets. I think that was a cool example. I think in the beauty space, NARS always does-- the stuff they do is always beautiful. They often do a really good job of syncing up what is happening on their brand own channels with what is happening in the influencer space. What I like about NARS is I think when they do something, they do it big. They did an influencer trip, but did it to Bora Bora to Mr. NARS' private island that he owns out there or something.

    It was just completely ridiculous, over the top, and amazing. I think those are a couple brands that are doing a pretty good job right now.
    Episode #132
    - Brand Leaders, Quitting Influencing, Initial Contact to Brands