• I would argue that the question, well a good one is flawed. I don't think that you just doing stuff on IG Stories necessarily, and people liking it, means that you will be good on YouTube. If what you do on IG Stories is speak directly to camera and create the kind of content that makes sense on YouTube, then I think people enjoying your Instagram Stories could be a good jumping off point for starting a YouTube.

    The other thing is that I wouldn't wait for any indicator to start a YouTube. I wouldn't say, "Oh, I'm getting X percentage of drop off on my Insta Stories that must mean that people are engaged, that must mean I should start a YouTube." Starting a YouTube channel, I can tell you the little that I do, but I know Tim does quite a bit more. It is a lot more work than Instagram. Creating videos is a lot more work, learning to edit them is more work.

    Starting something new is scary and puts you into this really uncomfortable position of starting with zero subscribers, no audience, and having to ask people to watch this thing that you're not as good at, that you're new at, that you haven't totally figured out yet. There are a lot of things that are difficult and scary. There are a lot of barriers to entry to starting a YouTube. I wouldn't think that your performance on Instagram Stories is one of those barriers, but I also wouldn't let any of that dissuade you.

    If you want to start a YouTube, if you have a story to tell that you don't feel like you can tell on Instagram, I would start a YouTube. This show would not work on Instagram stories. I am too long-winded. I've heard from you guys that sometimes people find the show and they'll like binge it, like that stuff all works because it's YouTube. This would never work on Instagram. In some other ways, it might work.

    I could do things much shorter, the shows would be a minute-long, I would answer one question really quickly, but that wasn't the content that Tim and I wanted to put out, so YouTube was the best place to tell this story. We really haven't moved it over to Instagram or Instagram Stories because YouTube is the best place to tell this story. Think about the story you want to tell, ask yourself which platform is best to tell it on, and tell that story.

    I promise you, if it is compelling and if you're consistent, you will gain some sort of following on it. I wouldn't worry too much about when and worry more about why would you start a YouTube.
    Episode #131
    - Brand Leaders, Quitting Influencing, Initial Contact to Brands