• I assume when you say that Instagram is recommending, it means when it's saying your followers are on Instagram. One, this week we have year-in-review coming out. f you are a member of Fohr, you should be getting a link with your year-in-review. It has your best time, the times that your posts perform best. It's got a bunch of information on your growth and your engagement and your color palette and all these different things.

    If you haven't seen the email, you should be able to just go to your Fohr profile/ whatever it's going to be-- Tim will put it up here and you'll be able to get that year-in-review. That would be interesting. The other thing is, with Instagram, just because your followers are online at a certain time doesn't mean that's the best time for you to post. I assume that the times people are online are pretty consistent across the country, and so, every influencer is seeing that. It's also probably when a lot of posts are getting posted, which means there's more competition for eyeballs, which means maybe it's harder to get the algorithm to tick over in your way.

    That's total conjecture. I have no data to support that, but if you look at advertising, primetime TV is the most expensive time to buy ads on television because most people are watching Super Bowl, most expensive ad time in the year. Why? Because that's when the most eyeballs are on it. If 9:00 AM on the EST is like the heaviest time that people are on Instagram, there's probably a lot of people posting at that time, which means it's harder for your posts to get seen. Again, I always say, and I think that you guys are probably sick of hearing it, experiment, experiment, experiment, and track.

    If the times that Instagram lays out for you aren't working, try different times for a week, track it. The next week try different times, track it, see what happens. It's impossible to get a 100% accurate assessment because different posts will perform differently based on the quality of that post and how much people are responding to it. Unfortunately with Instagram, without years of data, it is difficult to narrow down what the impact of time of day is. Because if you think of any statistics, you say, "What are my variables here?" Time of day, what the content of the post, quality of the post, contents of the caption, quality of the caption.

    There's probably many more. When you have that many variables where you don't have control groups across it, you can't test for the one. It is essentially impossible to test for the variable of time of day on Instagram because all these other variables that exist and you can't narrow it down. What we were hoping in giving you when your best engagement is, over a year, is that I do think those trends start to emerge. While looking at two photos, a photo you posted at 9:00 and one you posted at 5:00 PM, isn't valuable, looking at a 100 photos you posted at 9:00 AM and a 100 you posted at 5:00 PM probably will tell a clearer picture.

    Take a look at that. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you share the Insta stories. That's it. That's it, guys. Well, something I was going to talk about but I don't know where to put it, but it's just something I've been thinking about. I'll leave you with this, something I've been thinking about. There is something I think and worry about but might actually be good for us and all of you in the long term. I feel in general the world is turning against Facebook and Instagram as platforms. For years and years it was mostly positive press. Facebook and Instagram haven't gotten a piece of positive press in 10 months. Media is turning against it.

    People are starting to ask themselves, "Is this helping me or hurting me? Is this something I want my children to be on or not? What is this doing to us, to our mental health? What is this doing to our attention spans?" Another thing that I've been thinking about is, is the government going to break up Facebook? It's pretty clear that Facebook is a monopoly, they have the top five apps in the App Store are all own by them. I think the government will eventually break up Facebook and Instagram, and separate them potentially as two different companies.

    There is no competition, nobody compete with them. It's insane that we haven't had an apps in Snapchat which was founded five years ago, I think. Not a single App has been able to put a dent in Facebook or Instagram's growth or user base. They control vast majority of the advertising dollars in the world now. I don't think the government is going to put up with it much longer. I think that what all these negative stories are doing is setting up a situation where lawmakers can have a reason to go in and break this company up.

    I don't know what that means for influencers. Again, Instagram will still exist, I just don't know that it will always be owned by Facebook. That's something to think about. Diversify your platforms, get on to other platforms, build a blog, build an email base. I know we talk a lot about Instagram, but it will die one day and I hope that you guys take the time between-- in the holidays when things are a little quieter, to think about how you are going to achieve autonomy and how you are going to build a business that will sustain you, not for a couple of years but for a couple of decades.
    Episode #129
    - 2018 Lessons, Asking Followers About Content, Posting Times