• We talk about the power of in-person meetings, we talk a lot about the power of going to events, certainly if you live in New York or LA and you're an influencer. One of the great benefits of living in those cities is the access to brand events and being able to get face time with brands. Can you be successful without those things? 100%. Money in the advertising world which is what you guys are in. Money follows eyeballs. Eyeballs are the great equalizer in advertising. It is the only thing that matters.

    What eyeballs can you put my message in front of and do those eyeballs give a shit about you and that message? I think that even without getting in front of the brands, even without going to those meetings, if you have a powerful community that is watching you and listening to you, brands will follow It is harder without that face time to stay top of mind, it is harder to build the relationships without going to events, it's harder because you don't get seen with all these other influencers, and again, you don't get to meet everyone at these brands, but it is definitely possible. It's just a little longer road, but again, end of the day, you could go to every event and you could have in-person meetings every day with brands and if you don't have the eyeballs and those eyeballs don't care about what you're publishing, you're not going to get anything.

    If you could have one or the other, proximity to events and meetings or actual influence over people, take the influence, the rest will follow.
    Episode #128
    - Average Engagement Percentages, YouTube Rates, Event Attendance