• Quick explanation for those of you who aren't looking at your numbers as much. When you see your impressions, you see impressions from people that weren't following you. You can see impressions from Explore or other. This influencer is saying they used to get a lot of impressions from Explore, now they're not. One, this is normal. The algorithm is tweaked and changed all the time. If at some point you were benefiting from the algorithm and you were getting on the Explore page, and you were getting a lot of followers and views because of that, I wouldn't beat yourself up too much when that goes away. I would be happy that you had it.

    Most people never have that moment where they're getting more views than they have followers. It can be frustrating. The Explore page works fairly simply, as explained from our visit to Instagram the other day. Essentially, they say, "If I follow you and you follow Tim, and I don't follow Tim, and you are very engaged with Tim's posts, they will put Tim on the Explore page assuming that I might be interested, since you seem so interested." It takes the accounts that somebody is very engaged with, and serves them to their followers.

    This goes back to making sure you’re driving engagement inside your feed, making sure people are commenting, making sure they're liking, that is driving everything. If it fell off a cliff, I will say that you were not the first person I've heard that from. It doesn't mean that you won't be back on the cliff in a couple of months or a couple of weeks. These algorithms are very complex and they change all the time. Instagram grows all the time. So it gets more and more competitive to get on that page and harder and harder.

    Something that was talked about at Instagram as well. I'm not a big IGTV believer. I don't think anyone at Facebook and Instagram is touting IG TV as a big success right now. IGTV is on the Explore page now and they're serving IGTV videos on the Explore page. You know that Instagram pushes new features really hard. There is a fraction of the Instagram community is creating IGTV videos, so potential growth opportunity there. Again, I'm not a big believer in IGTV, but this is coming from Facebook saying that they are actively pushing IGTV videos on Explore, and there's just not much competition there.

    That could be one way to get on there, but look, it's kind of a black box what the algorithm does. Again, I wouldn't sweat it too much if you were getting a bunch of views and now you weren't. My suggestion would be to tweak something, to keep trying things. The other thing is that like Instagram is a--in some ways, it is a bit of a meritocracy. The platform is driven by the desires of that platform. Again, what worked six months ago probably won't work now because the world is different now than it was six months ago.

    It might even be not that anything changed at Instagram, but that tastes have changed in general, ever so subtly. Those tastes have moved away from what you are doing, and maybe your engagement fell organically on your feed by 10%. Maybe that 10%, which if you're getting a 1,000 likes, it's only a 100 likes. That's not a huge amount. It's not a noticeable amount that you would freak out about, but maybe that 10% is keeping you off the Explore page.

    Tastes are changing all the time. You have to keep changing. You have to keep evolving. Evolution is absolutely the key to everything that you're doing. If it's not working anymore, I wouldn't bang my fist on the table and ask, "Why isn't this working? This is so unfair." I would understand that things are different now. The world is different, and you now have to operate within those new parameters. It's probably not going to go back. So, like, "That's done. Now what?" is the important question. Try new things, experiment, figure out what's going on, and track those results.
    Episode #126
    - Holiday Presence, Algorithm Tips, Instagram Story Engagement