• Yes and no. Annoying, I know. I try and add new interesting diverse different voices into my feed every once in a while. If you're feeling like you're starting to see the same thing then I encourage you to reach out and to try and find new people to follow. I do think the humans have a herd mentality.

    They want to be part of a group. They don't like to go out and do new things that scares people. That's totally understandable that is human nature. I think with that is also the fact that it's gotten harder and harder to grow and be successful on Instagram. I think increasingly people look at what works and they try and do that, how many Kim look-alikes are there in the beauty space, well, Kim has 113 million Instagram followers it's obviously working well for her look, her whole vibe, everything that she's about works, in some ways it makes sense to copy that because if you like Kim you might like a couple people that like Kim, that is how the thinking goes.

    Tessa who we talked about all the time doing really well, it's not crazy that there seem to be thousands of clones because her content is doing exponentially better than other people's, her growth is off the charts right now and so people think I'm just going to copy that and I'll get the same level of success. We've said it many times on the show I really think that is the wrong mentality, I think that going out and trying to copy one of Tessa's photos make sense in so far as it helps you learn how to do that, and I think you can learn from that and try and take something from it and make it your own. I do not think you can copy your way into long-standing success because at some point the world will change, tastes will change the things people want will change, and if your success is not built on an original thought then it probably goes to stand that you won't have the next original thought, and so where you're going to spend your life just chasing people and copying different people.

    One, I don't think that would work, two, it doesn't really sound like a huge amount of fun, and so, yes, there are too many people who are looking the same, and no I do not think that that is a hugely unique human problem, I think that is as fairly. Communities do start to look, act talk similar, when I used to be a photographer I was always shocked like every single model wears skinny black jeans, motorcycle boots, a white t-shirt and a black leather coat, it like the store does not allow them to purchase anything else, that community spends a lot of time together and they start to develop a dress code and a way of speaking to each other, in a way of dressing, in a way of carrying themselves and all of that, that helps them identify with that.

    Influencers dress in a certain way, they take photos in a certain way, they go to certain places, it's not crazy I don't. I think you could look at any community and you would probably start to see those similarities, even fringe, there's always that thing that if you're let's say you're part of a Goth movement or you're a punk, or you're super preppy, or you like men’s wear, in all these subsets everyone essentially looks the same, to somebody who is on the outside who doesn't know the nuances, who doesn't know the difference between what a Sex Pistols fan will dress like versus-- give me another punk band.

    Speaker 2: Ramones.

    James: A Ramones fan would dress like, but inside the punk community there probably is a difference between dressing as a Sex Pistols fan and dressing as a Ramones fan, but to the 60-year-old British woman walking down the street they just look like fucking punks. I think it's similar in the influencer space where from the outside that looks like everyone's the same, no one's doing anything interesting, as you get into it a little bit more you start to see the nuance, you start to see things different, but from the outside it looks like Cartier love bracelet and a lot of complicated clothing.

    Again, it's tough because you want to be able to show I'm part of this community, and if you're a punk in London in 1979 you can't show up to a show in a suit and tie and like be accepted into that community, you're going to have to wear leather and ripped up clothes and have a green Mohawk that's just like that's the way you say, "Hey, I'm part of this community." That's why I say that it's not totally a bad thing to copy people for a little while, you don't even have to publish it, but by copying it you can start to understand it, can you live inside of a community for a bit understand it and then know how to be different, I think so. It's going to be hard to, unless you're like just have a totally unique new vision to come in say, I'm part of this community, I'm going to be totally outside of it and change the way everyone feels about it. I think that is harder. As we said, I think a lot of the potential and possibility of growth and success in the space hinges now on looking different, being different, doing something different, trying to be unique and do your own thing.
    Episode #115
    - Campaign Effectiveness, Lookalike Influencers, Niches