• There are a lot of ways. I'm going to answer this less in the lesson from a lens of a brand person and more how it affects you. Every brand is evaluating the success of that campaign in a different way. If you don't understand the metrics by which they're valuing that campaign it is nearly impossible for you to be successful. Believe we've said this before but when someone briefs you or you talk to the brand and they onboard you for the campaign you got to ask what are your KPIs, Key Performance Indicators?

    What does success look like for you in this campaign? How do I make you look good? If you talking to the person at the branding you said, "Hey I want to make you look good. I want to make sure this looks awesome for you. What does that look like for you? Is it really great engagement? Is it positive comments and a conversation happening in the comments section? Is it the amount of DMs I get? Is it sales? Is it swipe ups? " It could be any number of things but if success for them is swipe ups and you think it's engagement then you could get 10% engagement but not do as well in swipe ups on your Instant Stories and they won't work with you next time.

    You have to ask, one. I think two something I've noticed that sticks with brands is they're looking at all these numbers you know now a lot of our campaigns have 50 100 influencers in them. Certainly, we look for top performers, but we also pull out conversations in the comments that are really product focused and feel organic and natural and feel like oh here's a consumer complementing the product or talking about the product. I know a lot of influencers, you guys getting your comment pods and you guys comment on each other's posts especially sponsored posts and you make product specific comments in the sponsored posts.

    That is so easy to tell what you're doing first of all. When I see an influencer and 15 of their influencer friends have commented on it saying, "Oh my God I love that jacket I have to get that tomorrow." You're not fooling anyone, the brand is going to click through and see that you have 150,000 followers and you're also an influencer. If they're smart they'll say, "Oh they're in a comment pod trying to make each other look good." That's one thing. Two, if you are someone that has conversations about product happening in the comments section it is something that brands look out for.

    It is something they kind of focus on and pull out, so anytime that you have that that is good. In general, ask them what success looks like and try and optimize for that. If they say, "Oh yes. Well, we're focused on engagement but we also want sales and we want swipe ups and we want really beautiful editorial content." It's okay to push back and say, I can try and do all those things, but I really want to know what we called a keystone KPI. I really want to know what is the one thing you absolutely need. Is it beautiful content? Is it swipe ups? Is it sales?

    You can't do all of those things in one post realistically. You can push back on a brand that is asking for too much and say I don't know, I can't do that. It shouldn't be the first time I heard it and I think they'll respect you more if you do push back.
    Episode #115
    - Campaign Effectiveness, Lookalike Influencers, Niches