• First of all I would say, if you have not seen Margo&Me's video, I would watch that. We talked a lot about that. If you have not seen Jamie Beck's Drink With James, I would go back and watch those. Those, we touched on this a decent amount and those women are more eloquent than I could be on the subject and so I encourage you if you haven't seen those episodes to go back and see them.

    I 100% think brands value editorial content, I think also if that's something that you want to do, you have to convince them why they should do this. I think that editorial content can come at the price of engagements sometimes, that a piece of beautiful editorial won't get as good an engagement as something that is more off the cuff, an iPhone and feels more natural. It doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do it just means not as many people are going to like it and so I think you have to figure out what this piece of content is supposed to do. Is it supposed to elevate a brand and make a brand seem really special?

    Can you make a brand feel really special with an iPhone photo? Can you create a story with an iPhone photo? Can you create mystery and intrigue and all of that with an iPhone photo? Probably not. Can you sell a shitload of moisturizer with an iPhone photo? Yes, you probably can do that. Can you tell an authentic real story with an iPhone photo or video? Absolutely. You just have to think about what is the brand and what makes sense for you to be-- what is the medium best suited for that brand and for the message that they're trying to get across and do that. It's okay if you're super elevated, if you're Margo&Me and everything you shoot is elevated.

    It's okay to say no to a brand that doesn't want that. It's okay to say that, "I don't do that and I don't think that my feed is right for your product." Trust me, brands appreciate that, you're not going to piss anyone off by respectfully declining a deal because it doesn't fit within your aesthetic and what you do. Do brands want more editorial, less editorial? Brands want what does well and brands ideally want you and they want your point of view. We talk about Tessa [sic] a lot and her show. She's really doing well right now, she's working with a shitload of brands.

    Her vibe and energy is, you can see it's spreading to other influencers. Everything she does is incredibly editorial. Brands like to work with her because of that. Are they working with Michelle from @michelletakeaim less because they're working with Tessa? Probably not. You could have a campaign where both of them get to create something and it makes sense for both of them. I think brands should want you and your point of view and that just goes back to the fundamental thing that we talk about in this space, which is you have to have a point of view.

    You have to have some form of differentiation. You have to have a thing that you do that makes you you and makes you different or you're not going to be able to sell what you do to anyone, it doesn't matter. I will also say that just shooting something with a DSLR does not make it an editorial. Even if it's a $7,000 camera setup, that is not editorial, that is just a nice camera. If you're just shooting normal photos with a nice camera, I'm not sure the value is really there. Editorial is scouting locations, pulling looks, creating a storyboard, shooting something that tells that story. That is editorial. Editorial is not a nice camera.

    I think that those things get interchanged a lot where people say, "Oh, I do more editorial content." I go to the feed and it's like, "No, you shoot with the 5D Mark IV and a 50 millimeter 1.2. You don't do editorial content." There is a difference and you can shoot editorial content on an iPhone, too. You can shoot editorial on any camera, but shooting on a nice camera does not editorial make.
    Episode #114
    - How to Stop Losing Followers, Editorial Content, Brands Ghosting