• Do everything you can do to not back out of the post first of all. That shouldn't really be seen as an option. If you feel like you're being taken advantage of, have that conversation, say, "Hey, I feel like I'm being taken advantage of." If you do everything right, we've talked about all of these steps, and you have a contract. You can't get taken advantage of if you have a contract, you have a contract. You say, I'm doing this for this.

    If they say, "I want this." you say, "Okay, cool that's 500 more dollars. If you have a contract, by nature of the contract you can't be taken advantage of. If you don't have a contract, and the brand keeps adding things on. Then just respond and say, "Hey, I'm super excited about this deal. Feeling like a lot of stuff that's getting piled on that wasn't in the original scope. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with it. Is there more budget to do this? Because this is not what we agreed to."

    If they say, "There's no new budget. Can you just do it?" And you don't feel comfortable, then say, "Look, I can't do that. I agreed to do this for this, and now you're asking this and you're not willing to pay this, I can no longer do the deal. I can go back and just do what we talked about for what you were going to pay me, but I can't do this for what you were going to pay me." That's a very simple conversation. What you cannot do is feel like you're being taken advantage of and then just write back and throw a hissy fit and back out of the deal.

    More often than not. The brand is not meaning to take advantage of you. They're getting pressure. You don't know what is their jobs or like. They're not just trying to be an asshole. They're saying-- They probably have people coming and saying, "Can't they go to this event? Can't they do this? Can't they also tag this? Can they throw another hashtag in?" Maybe they don't feel confident enough to push back on their bosses. They just said, "Maybe I'll just ask this influencer if they can do this now." That's not right. That's not fair, but you don't accomplish anything by just throwing your papers, your proverbial papers in the air, walking out of the room, be like, "I fucking quit."

    Tell them, lay it out, lay it out, what you promise to do, what they're asking, and if they can't meet you on those, if they can't give you more money, then you can walk away respectfully. If you just walked away not respectfully you'll burn that bridge forever. It doesn't matter that they piled up. Here's the shitty thing. There's this term we use all the time, internally when we're talking about the stuff that happens in the campaign it says, "It's not my fault but it is my problem."

    If you back out, if you just say, "Well, I'm out and I'm out of this collaboration, you're asking me to do too much." The brand is not going to say-- If you haven't had that conversation we talked about. Where you laid it all out. You said what you were going to do, what they ask, all that. They're just going to think, "What a spoiled brat they just left me high and dry and backed out of it, the deal. They're not going to see it from your side.

    First, you have to make them see it from your side. That if you leave they understand why you leave. Because if not while it's not your fault that you're being taken advantage of, it is your problem because you look like a child. You look unprofessional and untrustworthy, and you're not someone they're going to work with again. Make sure you lay out what is happening from your point of view, to make sure you're aligned on that. Make sure they understand it before you back out.

    More often than not, we have found that if you lay it out in that way, the brand will apologize and they'll either cough up more money or you have given them the language to go back to their bosses and say, here's why they can't do that.
    Episode #109
    - Negative Comments, Brand Alignment, Backing out of Contracts