• Let's say you have one of the count that isn't all original content what can you do? You can charge for this account, if you have an account that's not all original you can make money on that. It would be hard for you to make money on it if you didn't start pulling in some original content. I just don't see how other than posting terrible ads, how you could monetize something if none of it is.

    I don't see how you could monetize your feed if none of it was your content and you weren't willing or able to create any content, I think that would be next to impossible. Now there are other ways to monetize you can help brands build their feeds, you can help with social strategy, you can help do a lot of things and a lot of ways that you can make a lot more money doing that then doing something on Instagram. It's just that like if you're not a content creator and you're a curator, doing sponsored posts is never going to make sense so you're going to have to think of other ways to do things.

    If you wanted to be a little tricky, if you wanted to try something that would be a little different. You could charge influencers to post one of their photos if you had an insanely engaged curated account that was style. When you tagged someone or did a post about them saying go follow this person they're amazing, they got 5,000 new followers because people trusted you so much you could charge influencers for that. You could say, "Hey, you're struggling to find growth. Give me 1,000 bucks, I'll post a couple of your photos over the next couple weeks and push people to follow you." If you could drive followers to influencers you could potentially charge influencers to do that so that would be one kind of different way to make money.

    I would probably focus on just pitching yourself as a strategist and a social media manager strategist whatever it might be for brands that's probably your easier path to money. If you're not willing to create original content without original content. There's really not much you can charge for it. Yes if you're an influencer looking to grow, that's definitely one way to try to grow is get yourself onto those accounts. I can't remember who one of the people that-- One of the influencers we interviewed said that a lot of their growth came from that. They just got onto these curated accounts and they would get a big bumping following from that.

    Definitely look to do that and general influencers like it can be okay to throw inspiration in there if that's your brand. I think doing some of that is a nice way to not make it all about you, it doesn't need to be a static post it can be in your stories or think I follow this reporter. She doesn't really have a big huge following but Hannah Elliott and her stories a lot of times most days she throws two or three inspiration images in there.

    I screenshot those things a lot just because I find it interesting and it's a nice way to see what she is looking at. Just influencers that run original content accounts, you might want to start pulling some inspiration as well and sharing that with your audience and maybe doing it in a consistent way on your stories every Friday you're doing some inspiration. Speaking of that I see a lot influencers do the why you should follow someone or they pick five influencers they screenshot their feed and they tag them and sell it follow Friday or something like that. Which I think is awesome and super nice to be supportive of each other.

    I would encourage anyone that does that to just add a little more context I saw this guy Jordan Bunker who I had met with. He does that on Fridays I think [unintelligible 00:18:47] guide of a London and he will screenshot the feeds and tag them and then does a final screen at the end. Where he gives two or three sentence explanation of why he follows each person. He might screenshot the feed tag them and then do a screen, like a black screen after with an explanation of why I like that.

    It gives me a little more context to whether or not this is someone I might want to follow. Do more than just say goals and then tag the person if you're going to try and do that like promotional support thing with influencers. Just do it in a way that actually is helpful to your audience.
    Episode #107
    - Instagram Questions, Getting Out of Ruts, Aggregated Content