• Snapchat. We’ve talked a good amount about Snapchat here. Hold on one second. I think I’ve said in the past that as you're growing a platform, it is important to try and keep it as authentic as possible. Snapchat doesn’t really have the technical ecosystem yet for brands to be able to activate with influencers inside of it, which is a fancy way of saying like they don’t know how many fucking followers you have, they don’t know anything about engagement, so it’s tough for them to spend the money. Unless you are specifically a Snapchat influencer and that is where you're following is I don’t think that it’s going to change the dollar amount that you're making vastly.

    Again, my advice would be focus on keeping that authentic. Show behind the scenes from your life. Be a little but more real. Be a little bit more relatable. Don’t have anything everything be so pretty. Cost a little bit. Drink a little bit. Follow James Nord on Snapchat. All of these things are basic advice that I would give you and if you do want to work with a brand, then just work with the brands that you really love, that you would talk about anyway. I wouldn’t look to make a bunch of money off of it, but I would keep really curated the types of brands that you're working with on Snapchat right now.
    Episode #8
    - Follower Counts, Authentic Snapchat Content, Brand Collaborations