• Do I think investing in a photographer is a good idea if you're fashion influence or blogger? Long story short, yes. Furthering that, I don't think you need to start early. I think what I see with a lot of influencers is they are taking each other's photos. This is even when they get fairly big, talking about Rachel Martino. I think she and Noelle take each other's photos a lot. I think that as an influencer, the visual arts is part of a language you have to speak.

    I think that learning to use a camera is a lifelong skill that is worth learning. I think no matter what, you should learn how to use a camera, understand what aperture is, understand shutter speed and ISO, understand how to get certain things out of your camera that you want because the best influencers I know that I have taken their photo and I am a better photographer than every style blogger I've ever met in my entire life, I can just I can just say that. I know I am but when they hand me the camera, they tell me exactly what they want.
    Marcel may not be a photographer but he hands me -- He's like, "Cool. Can you shoot me an F 5.6 or above and with this focal length of a lens?" et cetera. Marcel knows exactly what he wants because he knows his way around a camera. You don't want to get into a position where if you have a photographer, they shoot you in a way that you don't like and the photos are worthless and that you've paid for that. I think first, it's important to try and learn how to use a camera and then as time goes on and you grow, especially if you're getting paid deals, I think it makes sense to have a photographer.

    Now, if you're in a position where you don't have any -- There's no blogger friends around to shoot you, maybe you have to pay a photographer earlier but you can also throw in the tripod. Most of these new cameras now, you can control the camera with your phone and it's pretty easy to do self-portraiture. Go look at Jamie Beck and Street Studio, who we've interviewed who's amazing. Most of the stuff on her feed, she shot of herself.

    Now, Jamie's genius which I can't say for myself. You're not going to get the results she has but you can also shoot yourself. You don't necessarily need a photographer.
    Episode #85
    - Photographers, Growth Before Reaching 50k, Influencer Oversaturation