• Absolutely, consistency obviously is super important. There's two kinds of consistency. There's consistent style and there's consistent contents or subject matter. You can have both. You can have a style of photo. Let's say, you take very stark white photos with a lot of blank space. Let's say that you love to photograph things with stripes. That can be your entire feed or your entire blog or you can have one or the other. You can always take photos of things with stripes, but it doesn't matter what the photos look like. The style is inconsistent or you can always take stark photos with a lot of white space. I don't know if that's a great example, but basically, I'm saying consistency of the style of photo or consistency of the content or the subject of that photo, you should probably have one or the other.

    The reason that's important is that your feeds as you all know, a lot of people follow 500,000-700,000 thousand people on Instagram. Your feed gets really clogged. People want to know what to expect when they come to your feed. If they don't know what to expect then they don't have a reason to follow you. When they're scrolling through really quickly, they also don't stop on your photo because they don't know it's your photo without seeing it's your photos. Does that make sense?

    I was talking to Tim before this about Grant Legan, who's one of the greats and it's fantastic. You know it's a Grant Legan photo before you see that it's from Grant or at least you think it is and it makes you stop on the photo and pause for a second and look at it because he always got those -- Here's a link to Grant's thing by the way, be sure you follow him.

    He's got really a dark and moody photos and the greens are always very dark and the shadows are super rich and deep. I can't really describe it. It's just a Grant Legan photo. I think that's really important. I think it's important to brand yourself in that way so that when I see your photos even out of context, I can be like, "That looks like this person's photo." Try and do that. Try and be consistent in both ways or one way and I think you'll find that you'll start to grow a little bit faster.
    Episode #19
    - Creating Engaging Content, Consistency in Photos, and more